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free/renewable/sustainable energy:Hydrogen battery:Hydrogen - the Fuel of the Future? Water Electrolysis Kit(hydrogen and oxygen separated)
common associated inferiorities to using social media: never good enough, need more material goods, need perfect family friends, need to compensate to an engineering of lies and resorting to photoshop and seeking cheap company for flattery; "
However, recent studies also indicate that exposure to positive posts on Facebook may induce envy and lead to depression" (Steers et al., 2014, Tandoc et al., 2014) The emotional responses of browsing Facebook: Happiness, envy, and the role of tie strength…

social engineering: CIA MK ultra, Midnight Climax, Super ants, robots, Tesla wireless power for a whole country, tech surveillance, vaccine related bioweapon warfare, false stats,operation paper clip, us stealing tech and apple siri

tech surveillance:
Political collusions and millions: USC College professor demonstrates how some bacteria grow electrical hair that lets them link up in big biological circuits. These findings suggest that microbial colonies may survive, communicate and share energy in part through electrically conducting hairs known as bacterial nanowires. Electric Microbes Research at UMass Amherst
Tesla's wireless energy
21:30 tesla wanted to power the world with unlimited free energy and was immediately faced with peop…