Creating resilience to the truth and harness integrity |Kaerah Lim pt II

Do you prefer a prescription of communal truth or develop your own solution?

Creating resilience to the truth and harness integrity |Kaerah Lim pt II
Your stress receptors are often conditioned to rewards, fear factors and taught reactionary values.For example, if stress made you sick, and you managed to skip school or work the next door. You will feel encouraged to indulge in unhealthy foods and sleep late, so that you will fall ill tomorrow.
This can be seen as an example, when you reflect upon the past, or use other peoples' examples of stress reactionary values.
For example, children fall sick more often despite being able to grow and are inbuilt with new cells which are less likely to be sick and programmed for more growth than illnesses.
The development of immunity is devised through the triggers of viruses and bacterias identified, hence, no same bacteria can make the person ill again, unless the person seek the same stimuli over and over again and increase its consumption and se…

Creating Integrity from thin air pt I |Kaerah Lim

Content Disclaimer: only for the intellectually adapted, normalcy is "corrupted" with the lack of applicable intellect.
What computes doing the right thing? Do we compare in terms of value and intrinsic morals? The reflection of our action is often a mirage unless there were tangible ways sprouted from your own intelligent computation. Of what deems your "image", the perspective of your viewfinder are often forged by the hands of others, ticking to a clock made to the time of other values.
A warped vision often comes from the crooked and the wicked, projected onto others, more so than oneself. " I seek crooked ways, and hence I will make one out of you." With the trained eyes of corruption, greed and sinful ways and being, even the good man is corrupt if he is stemmed into the culture of the crooked. 
What if you bare the bad seed of corruption? Will you water it or starve the plant? To re-integrate the corrupted self and self-deemed evil, is to learn to incorpo…

How to increase your intelligence through EQ and IQ ft Dr. Steven Stein, Christine pt II

Read part I first in fostering greater emotional intelligence for spiritual ascension and personality self-development.
How your emotional quotient affects your capacity to act and feel.
What are the possible problems faced with the lack of EQ and/or EI? Difficulties in making friends and bonding with your family that is important in learning how to love.Being emotionally insensitive and having trouble in understanding others' difficulties and failure in being empathetic.Lacking the capacity to deal with urgent situations that requires quick time response in decision making that can affect one's future.Creating the better experience and efficiency to get through to your friends and colleagues that you previously found it hard to connect with such as in group-peer projects, and other situations.
So ... How can EQ help you solve your problems and increase your intelligence and problem-solving skills? Here are 4 Possible Conceptions to discover its potential in self-discovery: EQ affec…

How wanting more attention makes you less popular |Joseph ft. Kaerah Lim

To get attention can trigger a powerful feeling; To pay attention too can trigger a powerful feeling, including increasing happiness so ... if both are true, why do we seek attention?
(Watch Video: i.e. To be enabled in a role through paying attention (2:24))
Conditioning human through the reward of paying attention and and getting attention. Case example in video:
Joseph an actor gets the power of being in the role of an actor and the skill to act,
He alludes using acting to get attention for himself than to fulfill the role of an actor i.e. social media
One of the example is using pseudo reason of being that pushes more stories and attention seeking agenda by tying it to his roles of acting.

Pushing pseudo reasons to push private agenda "they like that I have a way of words, it's how I say it" explaining one's way of pushing himself onto the limelight as if for a greater reason than to seek popularity and power through the manipulation of attention.
What can attention do for…

Lacking feelings and empathy? How to cope with apathy |Kaerah Lim

What are the symptoms of apathetic behaviours?
Signs and symptoms of apathy can be shown in the following:
The lack of desire to communicateThe reluctance to be warm towards othersIncreasing disinterest in social dynamics and othersBeing uninvolved in loss, regret and conflictFeeling distant towards family members and friends
Signs communicated through rumination and negative behaviour: Being unable to sleep or vice versa, i.e. sleeping for longer period of timeRefusing to eat or lacking the appetite to eat or vice versa, increasing bouts of eating or even bingingRefusing to engage in activities and sports or vice versa, increasing cycles of activities and refusing basic needs."I don't want to talk". "I don't want to eat", "I don't want to go", "I don't care about it", "I don't want to ..."
A Questionnaire to help check in with yourself regarding your functional empathy:
Rate on the scale of 0 -10 on the following for lac…

EI: What have EQ got to do with intelligence? Part I ft. Marslow hierarchy of needs

Fostering greater emotional intelligence for spiritual ascension and personality self-development

EQ enhance our neuroplasticity and hence enhance eq can expand our thinking process and intelligence. (watch video for more info) "IQ and EQ are both developed together in our frontal lope which happens to be part of our brain that poccess our analytical thinking and spiritual part of being to understand ourselves and others including behavioral issues and erroneous cognitive thinking."
Question to ask yourself: What does emotional intelligence got to do with you? Also, what does it do for you in meditation and being? Most of all, does it help to develop your intelligence quotient?How to apply EQ to develop you life. Increasing your emotional quotient through emotional intelligence can help to develop your emotional self-awareness and your emotional self-awareness of others, creating an enhanced and expanded version of theories of ways of being, chara…

8 Types of Consideration of Marital Life Questionnaire

What are the variety of married life and what does a happy marriage compute? What is a real relationship to you? Does your lifestyle habits and means of living adjustable for partnership? Here are 8 types of consideration of marital life to prevent the regrets of impulsive marriage.
Learning from family values and perceived concepts of married life. 1. Maturity Are you mature enough to take care of yourself and your surroundings? Are you able to afford and do what you love alone? Do you have enough experience to understand your partner' languages and habits to be patient, kind and loving? Are your expectations of marriage mature enough to carry out a comprehensive consideration of adaptive living of each others' hobbies, lifestyle, career and marital goals? 
Do you prioritise each others' priorities equally? Are you prepared to face equal or more responsibility to handle each other at your worst, handle potential conflicts, mingle in each others' crowds and share your roles w…