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commitment to memory (making meaning) ft.John Anderson & Dr. Jordan B Peterson video

1) No amount of glory can surpass inferiority. You can name the conditions, from physicality to wits and humour. To each its own. "don't judge a fish for climbing a tree". Truth be told, you can compare its ability to swim perhaps, but it's ability does not make void that it is redundant in climbing a tree, and likewise does not mean it is superior to an ant in swimming.

What about fishes to fishes comparison? Well, one can be more aesthetic, one can thrive with less food, one can clear waste, you can pinpoint to its breed and specific ability that it have, but you can't say that it is more because it can.

There is no glory in having achievements. There is glory in achieving, which is usually found within ourselves. For we reach a "fair" baseline, of "ourselves", a fair "timeline", but I'm pretty sure as much as you feel you remain the same, as much as you can no longer look at your youngest self and say "that's exactly me!", your tenderness towards the past, cannot exceed your need to be in the now, and the agenda you have, which makes the comparison quite redundant, unless it is concurrently happening.

2)We have some sense of life that gathers us thus far. You must have a commitment to memory, that you care for a specific event, that you can pinpoint a situation you overcame and say "that changed me",  to forge a consistency of change that is self willed than "played by circumstances", whereby you selectively recall all your failed attempts rather call it, failed innovation or adaptation.

At this point, we relate to archetypes and found consistency in self narration, but it is essential to not make it a blame game.

To me, I rather call it "I know but not say"  or you can call it as humanity loves to call it "feelings" there is a path of resonation, that you can do less of for it may be tougher but calls more of your soul than any other.

3)Ideas are first to be challenged, thwarted, disposed and changed, but the goal, and value is somewhat related.

Relating to point number two, we first do things not knowing much of, can't be blamed, biology and situation do have its role. We then try out things that are contrary to others' beliefs and the cultural norms, (which wolf you feed, which wolf you become).

We have inclinations, not traits, until we make one of habit.
Biology and many DNA tests, at best, even in the future, can only promise a very strong likelihood, but none is stronger than the habit you practice consistently. (unless you are biology thwarted, my regrets, I do empathise deeply)

Hence, we may have done things neither the old nor new selves agree, but these are all developments, like you would not judge someone's whim in their teenage selves.

"Ideas own you" (watch video), until it destroys you and you become different from before,
you are a slave to ideation, not having resonance till you are forced to face yourselves.

4)Freedom is a big responsibility. If you followed me from the past, you would recall a post I made, that calls us out on our own lies, how we believe choices are our free will (check out sam harris work on it, it is a much better development of information), to change our mind halfway, making invalid and taking away our choice of the past that was perhaps made in a better state of mind, one that is unchallenged by obstacles and truly more free willed, than the one that crumbles at a sight of pain. Of course, we must recall that situation changes as we do, that we keep sight of our values in abstraction not in specific acts.

There is a lot to be discuss on the notion of freedom, so let us educate ourselves, let ideas own you, test them, and hate them, but find what you truly own.


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