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The blue pill or the red pill? Which will you choose? The New Afterthought episode 16

The matrix and the truth: The red pill or the blue pill. The rabbit hole of truth and imagination vs the concept of fed truths and the concept of ignorance is bliss. 1. Who conceived the world? Despite the blaring truths that humans are co-creators, from the way they cook their food, create their job and passion or even their off-spring, there is a concept that god or the unknown is fully responsible for our being i.e. the concept of fate, that we were born to suffer, do the things that inevitably causes us to suffer and that this breaks our identification of agency and believing that physical or temporary bliss is all that there is. 2. As co-creators, who conceive your thoughts? And then, who conceive your ability to perceive and sense your surroundings?  For there are articles out there, that have shown that our visual awareness is more easily deceived than you think, i.e. common visual tricks as which is the shorter line, what sort of grey you perceived, and