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Ways of Government Propaganda in USA EU (conspiracy)

In lieu to freedom of information act, the microwave voice to skull technology and emf wave manipulation that can create behavioural control through thought inception, For the CIA released notes for viewing:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a><br />For other CIA files:&nbsp;<a href=""></a><br /><div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"><a href="…

Exploring duplexity and alter ego

Themes to explore to uncover oneself and of the new world:
Ascension and the duplexity of humanity and personas.The waking life and its considerations in lieu of death.Where does man perceive his life than in its possible death of light (day) and dark (night).

Of love and hate and its implications of expressions lies its facade, geniality and approximations of self understanding of " what the devil do I want?"
"To integrate the evil"
is to explore the light and dark i.e. able to explore the darkness during the night, where thoughts and darkness roam with less inhibitions that had previously escaped the conscious mind by laying in the deep unconsciousness.

The association of unholiness and holiness, too, comes from duality, of good and bad, the comparison of two elements that thus creates the element itself.
Be it "saints or devils" 4:52 of video, in its creations of crimes, redemptions and order, the chaos sieved through light and darkness.
Deception is like…

The Time Outlier: Doing more with 24hours

Here's how to Achieve Expert level Performance

Why do you want to be time rich?
Enhance your lifestyle: Cope and deal with all areas of life proficiently without any embarrassment, awkwardness or feeling disconnected.

Allows you to make time for family, friends, activity, and other passion without compromising your previous lifestyle

What's the solution:
Making more time with less time: Finding areas of complement and breaking boundaries and stereotypical thinking, bring your music to your work place and make it a presentation piece by finding ways to enhance your work with your passion.

This level up guide teaches you to mix and match your tool set to bring new flavors into your life.

Why does time feel scarce?
We adopt a mentality that traps us in a mind prison such as time, place, and activity.
The lack of capacity to cope with activity creates avoidant and passive behaviour increasing disengagement, draining colors out of your family time, school time and destroying your pote…

Friedrich Podcast Human, All too Human Thought Conundrums

What deprives the man of faith than an instalment of fixated truths and righteousness than religion itself?

I.e. To teach a man how to walk, how to think and what to fear as if he is of no mind;these concepts of religions preaches the near cult-concept of self reinforcement through testimonies and the denial of any differences, i.e. the devil cannot do good, and the devil cannot be condone.These religions even enforce and influence society, culture and relational thinking of relationships, teaching you how to find your partner and to praise the concept of forced truths through the unknown of fear, an almighty, a concept of what is god and what he had built, created, and the stories of holy ghost and sacrificial goats, and to worship a similar cattle of its kind, the cow.What begets the lack of thinking than to enforce the lack of thinking i.e. the enforcement of truths.
In a societal concept, there is the challenge to adapt the change of roles and the dissociation of truths often beget…

Talking about death and the concepts of Grim reaper

Talking about death and the concepts of Grim reaper
through love, romance and poetry

Not for the feint hearted
Not for the politically correct
for the recreational creative
and all intelligent creations

scene: sterile room
of the wasted conceptualisation and results of the acts of a self denying women that denies her own chastity/ referred to the  "not socasually ambiguously laced moral women and men with undignified acts hidden as nihilistic indulgences"
let us creations debate on anti selection

philosophy: repression under regression but does not repent
mistakes piling up in a trash can of lies
unclaimed waste

sound: illusions bounding
their wrath arouses feint faded blues
within you
talk: cry oh cry

lies: blue envy surrounding me
your stale rustic metallic vessel
echoed in that abandoned town

travel: you claimed to be yours
definitely you
your forsaken facade
lost: intertwining withdrawn

audience: urgh
your melancholy musk
lies: entice


Counter Procrastination and Bad Behaviours

Writing your learning script: Ingraining good and bad behaviours

How to gain more positive skills and unfuck negative mentality (How to level up and train your character part 4)

As a former ABA therapist who is trained and graduated in human behaviour and ABA therapy, psychology.
Rewarding and conditioning good behaviours with desirable rewards can become stale and ineffective.

I.e. Calling our children to table for dinner to be rewarded with foods they like or scolding them if they fail to come when called, does not seem to be winning strategy for obedience nor family time.

As an adult or teenager, we are aware of what makes us unhappy , using pavlov conditioning as an example, we come to realise that we are often stimulated and offered unconscious priming to be accustomed to society, advertising and seek immediate rewards when offered. I.e seeing the sign of MacDonald can make your kid excited, or another example being able to get what you desire when being exposed to an opportunity,…

How to level up in real life: Personalities For Business

Today in this episode of how to level up in real life, we are going to explore archetypical personalities through biblical/fictional archetypes.

Why not MBTI?
MBTI serve to analyse over 8 billion personalities through the mould of a handful and is inexcusable to be used as an archetypical analysis for the unique you and the special friends and families you have.

Why any MBTI lover can look into relevance through fictional/made up archetypes; Past learning experiences on MBTI or other character analyses will bring insight onto these personalities type; uncovering more than the novices and beginners, fret not, beginners alike can learn from characters that they are more keenly interested in -- especially during the beginning. This will be apt to speed growth and intuition throughout this journey.

In the previous three episodes in how to level up in real life;
We explore the following concepts:

1) Learning from your favourite hero/idol

2) Envisioning the blank spaces within i.e. from his …