Counter Procrastination and Bad Behaviours

Writing your learning script: Ingraining good and bad behaviours

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training your mind with learning scripts

How to gain more positive skills and unfuck negative mentality (How to level up and train your character part 4)

As a former ABA therapist who is trained and graduated in human behaviour and ABA therapy, psychology.
Rewarding and conditioning good behaviours with desirable rewards can become stale and ineffective.

I.e. Calling our children to table for dinner to be rewarded with foods they like or scolding them if they fail to come when called, does not seem to be winning strategy for obedience nor family time.

As an adult or teenager, we are aware of what makes us unhappy , using pavlov conditioning as an example, we come to realise that we are often stimulated and offered unconscious priming to be accustomed to society, advertising and seek immediate rewards when offered. I.e seeing the sign of MacDonald can make your kid excited, or another example being able to get what you desire when being exposed to an opportunity, such as a big sale, etc.

So we come to realise two things:
1) Our upbringing and conditioning matters
2) Being exposed to rewards and punishments is not enough

So how do we build our ideal life if we are unable to control our thoughts and feelings and habits which tend to be the main motivating factors driving us forward in life?

In today's episode of How to level up, we skip past the character arc and script by teaching you how to write good behaviours into your life so that you can have your own tool set of adaptation before you engage in character creation.

There are two ways to engage in productive behaviours and prevent negative thinking (i.e. which would result in. less time taken in regurgitation and more time for rational thinking/problem solving or positive thinking or envisioning dreams)

1) Identifying behaviours that work.
2) Adapting logical thinking.

1) Good behaviours can occur in sporadic conditions i.e. using our willpower or having set new goals.

These behaviours can be encouraged not just by rewarding oneself but through the identification of the prompts and triggers that resulted in these behaviours.

examples being:
Spending time with productive coworkers have inspired me to work harder.
Reading books have managed to take my mind off worries and encouraged new thinking behaviours
Eating fruits before dinner had resulted in greater satiety

These are activities that often occur effortlessly as if natural, similarly, placing a book beside your bed lamp would result in you picking your book more often,

Similarly, placing your phone beside your laptop would result in you checking your phone more often.

These behaviours and triggers can be identified to resolve bad behaviours and introduce good behaviours.

So what are two ways that you can spot these differences easily?
1.Watching out for the before or after
2.Identifying your intrinsic motivations and extrinsic cues to the events

Why adapt logical thinking?
Also, self awareness talk instead of self questioning/doubt and rumination may help
(find out more:

We can first try to adapt logical thinking other than systematic and rational thinking or trusting our feelings intuitively by having a check in system that can provide some anchor onto our way of thinking.

I.e. I feel fat all the time,
Using logical thinking you can check with yourself:
Do you eat alot all the time?
Are you overweight ?

If so, you can conclude some truths to your feelings, forget about the self loving visionaries
 that trust you to unfuck your suffering by offering you more lies.
If you are unhealthy and you feel fucked up, and remember the control is in your hands.

Getting a temporary fix of cuddling and TV is not going to help you solve your problems when your doctor sighs at your next appointment, concluding that you remain irresponsible of your health.

Similarly, if you realise that you eat well, and your weight or health have been improving: i.e. you walk up the steps easier, you are aware that you meet your nutrition needs, using logical thinking would prompt you to a quick realisation that you are not unhealthily fat, and that you can stop feeling fat or that you are making good approximations to better health

Similarly, there are some people out there who would remain in a state of lack of control of their feelings, if so, these people continue to refute logical thinking.

Feeling fat after a salad?
Maybe go for a walk.
Still feeling fat constantly despite other reality check?
Maybe you should seek mental help to help you regain control till you are able to think carefully for yourself.

Therefore, fighting procrastination and bad behaviour can be made easier by enabling you mind and body to expand through the integration of a learning script that you have just receive.

Write or revise what you have now realised and how you can integrate them into your daily life.

Ways to make way for more meaningful time:


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