Counter Procrastination and Bad Behaviours

Writing your learning script: Ingraining good and bad behaviours

How to gain more positive skills and unfuck negative mentality (How to level up and train your character part 4)

As a former ABA therapist who is trained and graduated in human behaviour and ABA therapy, psychology.
Rewarding and conditioning good behaviours with desirable rewards can become stale and ineffective.

I.e. Calling our children to table for dinner to be rewarded with foods they like or scolding them if they fail to come when called, does not seem to be winning strategy for obedience nor family time.

As an adult or teenager, we are aware of what makes us unhappy , using pavlov conditioning as an example, we come to realise that we are often stimulated and offered unconscious priming to be accustomed to society, advertising and seek immediate rewards when offered. I.e seeing the sign of MacDonald can make your kid excited, or another example being able to get what you desire when being exposed to an opportunity,…

Exploring duplexity and alter ego

Themes to explore to uncover oneself and of the new world:

  1. Ascension and the duplexity of humanity and personas.
  2. The waking life and its considerations in lieu of death.
  3. Where does man perceive his life than in its possible death of light (day) and dark (night).

Of love and hate and its implications of expressions lies its facade, geniality and approximations of self understanding of " what the devil do I want?"

"To integrate the evil"

  • is to explore the light and dark i.e. able to explore the darkness during the night, where thoughts and darkness roam with less inhibitions that had previously escaped the conscious mind by laying in the deep unconsciousness.

The association of unholiness and holiness, too, comes from duality, of good and bad, the comparison of two elements that thus creates the element itself.

Be it "saints or devils" 4:52 of video, in its creations of crimes, redemptions and order, the chaos sieved through light and darkness.

Deception is like the shell of the vessel and of life, whereby man can express what he does not mean,
the hypocrisy and lies of false signals.

"laughing about oneself" 6:32
Exploring the inner being, as mentioned in previous episode, even in its entrance of the front and the back, of self righteousness and deception, hiding the ugly within, creates an energy or soul that deceives itself into being something other than its facade, be it uglier that it perceives as holier.
i.e. humanity is ugly hence I condemn,
and in thinking, the being changes.

The ugly superficiality of romancing, through false presumptions of its meaning and its doing,
i.e. I live because I have no reason to be.
I be because there is no other way to be.
The thin line of existence.

9:53 exploring your motivations, often takes through peeling off several layers as if a facade or to delve into a kind of new truths, as you paint a new perceived truth of the layers itself.
"fooling" is playing when you're not.

Healing in secrecy allows the genial deception that the person is recovering on the inside, for when he becomes a layer, he fails to be or see what is within.

The self respectable onion knows that inner working lies within the inner being.

How to explore duplexity and alter ego:

Knowing that there is a multifaceted truth to being, and that man in himself is unable to recognise himself that in peeling his layers, he becomes of use and is interpreted and utilised by others through new meanings other than his own being.

What the man writes on his skin, his new truths, becomes a layer of his past, that he may or may not recognise himself within.

Hence the man knows but does not be, and in being, he re-knows himself.

Therefore, humanity in its solitude and community, lies in its interactions and structures of self integration that in being, he is alone, but thoroughly alone with himself.

1. Allow yourself to accept and explore yourself
2. Exchange new ways in being
3. Practice new structures to create new structures

i.e self expansion and recreation.



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