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Creating resilience to the truth and harness integrity |Kaerah Lim pt II

Do you prefer a prescription of communal truth or develop your own solution? Creating resilience to the truth and harness integrity  |Kaerah Lim pt II Your stress receptors are often conditioned to rewards, fear factors and taught reactionary values. For example, if stress made you sick, and you managed to skip school or work the next door. You will feel encouraged to indulge in unhealthy foods and sleep late, so that you will fall ill tomorrow. This can be seen as an example, when you reflect upon the past, or use other peoples' examples of stress reactionary values. For example, children fall sick more often despite being able to grow and are inbuilt with new cells which are less likely to be sick and programmed for more growth than illnesses. The development of immunity is devised through the triggers of viruses and bacterias identified, hence, no same bacteria can make the person ill again, unless the person seek the same stimuli over and over again and increase its consumption