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Pseudo Personalities and the manipulation of ideation and actions |Kaerah Lim

Free Zenith autonomous thinking self help worksheet Resources and case studies of corruptions and manipulations: Self governance and the ruling elites, Government and corporation corruption and healthcare fraud. Ideas behind the framework of manipulation of personality: Poor ethics and morality and the main flawed intentions of idea inception and lack of autonomous character building and the beliefs system that serves as a foundation. By knowing this techniques of manipulation and creating positive versions of it, one will be hyper aware to the concepts of brainwashing without being in a close encounter to a manipulator. By building and aligning your own beliefs and triggers of memories, scripts of behaviours and self-belief system, you become a conscious creator who is aware of your habits and character and can act consciously again or beyond your current state of consciousness by growing your intrinsic motivations and intrinsic awareness to build your extrinsic persona and curating the …

Past Government corruption, voice to skull, embezzlement and healthcare fraud: Books I am sharing / found on Legal free platforms (conspiracy/some facts/credible)[resources and case examples]

Many on the market have emerge as ""synthetic painkillers" that were not "opiods but highly addicitve, and many of these patients went on to form an addiction and begun using "opiods" in this video, you get a confession from doctors, speakers and the marketer himself, and lying to insurance companies and employing a scapegoat, another example is bayer company:
acting as civilians to promote materials as if everybody uses and "fake" endorsement of "peers" and "groups" as well as "collective behaviour" by paid actors, low payment rates and slavery, etc.
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Other surveillance tech: You're being watcher right now :…