False Compliancy via brainwashing eugenics based eduction and Prescription Vaccination Fraud ft.newworldwar

It is often caused by fraud coverage/ mis-implications " "If you’ve been around the mental health world for any amount of time, you’ve definitely heard about the “chemical imbalance” theory of depression. It’s reverse-engineered from how we understand antidepressants to work: The drugs block the reabsorption of serotonin in your brain so more of the mood-boosting chemical is available, thereby “balancing out” your “happy juice.” You can think of it almost like closing your windows when the air conditioner is running to keep more cool air inside.

Only one problem. This implication that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance may by gospel in the popular zeitgeist, but it’s not really true. In more recent years, we’ve started to move away from minimizing depression to a single chemical imbalance cause, acknowledging mental health is much more complex. Yet the chemical imbalance theory of depression still lingers, enough that it’s worth revisiting." (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/words-matter/201808/dont-say-depression-is-caused-chemical-imbalanceDespite the article dispelling the myth and the url title that it is IN FACT, not a chemical imblance, it does not address it directly "it's not really true", move away from "minimising" to a "single chemical imbalance cause" insinuating as if it is more than just chemical imbalance after addressing that it is gospel and not true. Most articles divert their responsibility away from fraud news by playing it cool, as if they can't get their facts straight, especially since there is an abundance of fraud articles paid by pharmaceutical companies. 

Why do I claim so? 

Year by year there is an increase in mental illness not because of removed stigma, but because there is more and more individual incapacited through vaccine or  else through the creation of a false diagnosis (refer to elfthereal facebook on fraud mental health perscription) through human behaviours that are then script directed to make you convince that you are an anomaly, such as "worried" "breakup" "grief""Insomnia" "behaving differently" and that unlike others, you require mental help because you were found behaving hysterically due to lies and propaganda of fear -based compliance based society.

Like wise, "There is something obviously right in these claims, but they can also be highly misleading, especially when taken together. It is true that autistic people often share various cognitive tendencies that seem to have a strong hereditary basis. But if we understand the claim to be that all autistic people share a genetically-based neurological essence, this framing encounters two highly significant issues. 

The first is a scientific problem—namely, that such biological essentialism is not supported by the evidence. In fact, there is no known biological basis that is clearly definitive of autism at all. True, some studies have indicated certain tendencies in neurological functioning or structure, but often these findings are based on very small samples and are not reproduced; and in fact, each autistic brain is unique, rather than being the same as other autistic brains. " https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/neurodiverse-age/201908/is-autism-really-genetically-based-brain-wiring, the article dismissed the false claim and then continues to divert the topic, acting as if, the rest of fraud articles were not too far from the truth, that these brains are indeed different.

Bribery for prescribing inhalers that make your athsma worse with over 400m bribery in China (that was declined and voiced by the doctors, otherwise, imagine other countries that could have accepted the bribe and not speak a thing about it) (just like mental health drugs prescriptions, whereby you "have " to take it, despite it is an increased risk of suicide, more so than your depression): https://www.drugwatch.com/manufacturers/glaxosmithkline/ 

Mental health fraud , govt corruption and false prescription to make unwell of others (with cited examples): https://everydayconcerned.net/?s=drug+mental+health+fraud

ADHD drugs does not help the students study in anyway but only help them behave "compliantly" not be creative nor learn to question the norm.
on stunted growth and learning capacities
Creating a negative personal narrative through the constructs of others and "forced" diagnosis and impeding the students at a young age.

Thi show the intent of schools whereby they have to mould the perceptions of students and parents alike so that they are not found breaching our human rights and instiling false identities to make as common people with one say (a "yes' to whatever the government desires)
Breaking other identities and authorities n personal development so that the children are helpless to government installed identities and behaviours. The negative and censored topics are "okay" for these children to view at a young age as long as it is in an educational school system and whereby they learn to "stigmatised", and adapt a false "common" view of lust, and remorse, that are both installed ideas. For example, most people can act out on love, and not feel remorseful. To create the attention to the worst outcome, allows these ideas to be the first few realities and ideas that the children can think about sex and violence at a young age without any conception of the truth of others or what is truly  more prevalent. (for example, before 2017, drug campaigns increased the rate of students taking drugs instead of saying "no", alot of make-belief reasoning was installed to reason away obligation than the common tactics as employed above ( brainwashing the students to believe all naughty students want to use it, playing it cool by making funny of sensitive issue, or diverting the topic.. tactics that imply that it is okay as others do it. For example: To truly move away from drugs would be to care for the students, realise any anomaly, to allow education experiences in a wide range so that students will not be deceived into believing that drug is their gateway away from stress... Creating attention to drugs at a vulnerable age, only conditions and familarise the students, also with sub par programs that aims to dramatise than to teach. For example? did we remember anything helpful, how does it help us to say no? Just because we know it is harmful, we want to say no, and yes to different ideas, but adults and teachers won't let them. This conditioning is more prevalent than temporary ideas as well.)
By instilling systems that are known to shrink students' capacity to read, it is obvious that the government wants the young to stay incapacitated by their capacity to read so that they remain misinformed and too naive to know and make a say about the news and things they are concerned about.
IQ test was also a means of psychological manipulation to divert intelligence to incompetency and a diversion between each other, as if the blacks against whites, as if the failures compared to those that did well, also with career advising that aims to butcher their dreams not just just and logical ways to achieving their dreams, such as following, seeking a different school to achieve the result to open the door and enable the certification that enables his dreams or a different teaching system to improve his learning capacity and results, it is always the student who have been manipulated to feel vulnerable and the teachers at most, intimidated by parents, as though it is an authority issue, when it is really a compliance-fear based teaching system and a narrow minded selective-information propaganda based education.

Cases whereby medication was making worse of the illness and increasing death rate for monetary reasons:
$55billion as their motivation
brain scan disproving chemical imbalances in mental health
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"According to double-blind placebo controlled trials, when depressed patients were given omega-3 supplementation they showed great improvement.
One of these studies, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, gave twenty patients who were on antidepressants (and who had not improved) a concentrated form of omega 3 fat. After 3 weeks, they showed major improvement.
There were other trials done, all showing that adding omega-3 fats to the diet improved depressed patients. This alone tends to disprove the chemical imbalance
When all of the trials were pooled, the analysis came back that “…omega-3 fats reduced depressive symptoms by an average of 53% and that there was a correlation between dose and depressive symptom improvement, meaning that higher dose omega-3 was more effective that lower dose.” Side effects and the risks of the antidepressants were eliminated by the use of omega-3 fats.
Psychiatrists, per their own experimentation and testing conclude that fish oil is more effective that antidepressant drugs with no side effects.
So why do they persist in the chemical imbalance theory, which justifies their drugging of their patients, including infants and toddlers?
To answer that, one has to follow the money trail. Antidepressants are big business. On this class of psychiatric drugs alone, 86 billion dollars a year are spent by Americans."
https://www.cchrflorida.org/the-chemical-imbalance-fraud/ (disproving chemical imbalance, also, other mans to aid depression without the risk of death, such as fish oil, obviously implies that these doctors were bribe or brainwashed into the "necessity" of more harmful drugs)

Further examples of false ideas such as the drug "campaign"

Other than the helplessness, these students who will make the public of the future are installed with changed values and morals through these schooling system to strictly care about their results, and what they "think" is what others "think" that frames and becomes their only concern growing up, jobs and what other people think.

Eradicating the population through SIDS which have been proven to occur due to DPT vaccination, injecting these children when they are older and have better immunity system, does not make DPT vaccination better as a result of "less" death .

Disinformation as a common tactic to employ parents into a new caregiver role aside from being the paernt itself, such as helping t tutor than to address the childrens' concern and wellbeing which are taught and conditioned to be unheard and dismissed at a young age, so that they would all grow to be consumers without original thinking.

Mercury and the prominence in vaccinations. 

Vaccine as a means towards Brain injury


No implication of responsibility despite enforced "laws" and "prescriptions" of mental health and vaccinations despite the failure and increase in illnesses and death.

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