Pseudo Personalities and the manipulation of ideation and actions |Kaerah Lim

Free Zenith autonomous thinking self help worksheet Resources and case studies of corruptions and manipulations: Self governance and the ruling elites, Government and corporation corruption and healthcare fraud. Ideas behind the framework of manipulation of personality: Poor ethics and morality and the main flawed intentions of idea inception and lack of autonomous character building and the beliefs system that serves as a foundation. By knowing this techniques of manipulation and creating positive versions of it, one will be hyper aware to the concepts of brainwashing without being in a close encounter to a manipulator. By building and aligning your own beliefs and triggers of memories, scripts of behaviours and self-belief system, you become a conscious creator who is aware of your habits and character and can act consciously again or beyond your current state of consciousness by growing your intrinsic motivations and intrinsic awareness to build your extrinsic persona and curating the …

Bayer causing suicide and new virus and cancer

When prescription creates a heroin addiction instead.
#healthcare #syntheticopiods #badcare

Synthetic medicine are now created as new means to create hardcore addiction, in today's tech advancement, not proclaiming that we could not in the olden days, our emf technology are used to manipulate us and not cure us, only on the occasional pity of their new disease and ailments, such as parkinson, something rare in the older days, (or not reported, the new media will lie, or instill "new truths" in you).

What is emf technology?

The ability to manipulate thoughts and mood and motivations and to insert ideas through voice to skull technology that can be mimicked with any handphone emf technology.

Bayer case study (health):
Derived from opium poppy seeds, opioids primarily consist of prescription painkillers and heroin. Synthetic opioids include popular prescription drugs like Oxycontin (Oxycodone), Vicodin (Hydrocodone) and Duragesic (Fentanyl).

Combined with their highly-addictive nature, opioids are dangerous because a single large dose can cause severe respiratory depression and death, according to the NIDA.

Also adhd, had been popularised in mainstream culture and alluded that its medicine helps hyper focus, wow, just wakefulness, as if they were sleepy in the first place, how many children would have been deceived and fake an adhd diagnoses for these media claims?

Bayer case study (money):
Bayer made about $41 billion in 2017: Bayer employs more than 115,000 people worldwide. More than 13,000 employees work at its 50-plus U.S. facilities.

From a money to employee ratio, Bayer is in an "abundance",

how about stock dividends?

needless to say, per million increase, we are given tidbits, not to mention we pay for it when we lose, how about collaborated losing to gain? This mindset is novel but not impossible.

How? When we purchase and lose, we lose the ticket to represent, but not the money invested.

Hence in the stock market, they can represent less money, but have already have your invested money, all they need is a condition that they are "willing" to lose their money in, with false news to distract you.


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