Ways of Government Propaganda in USA EU (conspiracy)

In lieu to freedom of information act, the microwave voice to skull technology and emf wave manipulation that can create behavioural control through thought inception, For the CIA released notes for viewing:&nbsp;<a href="https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bq19xQ5AS6kjB2xYiqrNSkLDeKxeDaOj/view?usp=sharing" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bq19xQ5AS6kjB2xYiqrNSkLDeKxeDaOj/view?usp=sharing</a><br />For other CIA files:&nbsp;<a href="http://www.renegadetribune.com/us-govt-accidentally-releases-file-detailing-electromagnetic-weapon-remote-mind-control/">http://www.renegadetribune.com/us-govt-accidentally-releases-file-detailing-electromagnetic-weapon-remote-mind-control/</a><br /><div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"><a href="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-X98ppW-T57g/XvaeS3ILuQI/AAAAAAAAQQU/x4b_bLBbQL0iou6LN1pEdFDKqego4zi…

97% owned Money : Government and Banks |How is money managed? |Kaerah Lim

Money: 97percent owned [the Government]

  1. Money does not disappear
  2. It is an inter-transactional measurement of currency held against what it is "worth" in terms of utility and energy.
  3. With increased means of energy and already produced products such as factories, machines and more sources of energy the currency that may or not have "inflated" to measure its current increased in utility and energy becomes dismissed through propagandas of stock market and utility such as debilitating sources of natural energy such as coal, which remains intact and the need of nuclear energy despite the increased abundance of crackling gaseous and renewable energy.
  4. So where does money go to?
  5. The answer is simple: Where it is managed, the government and other enterprises.
Government authorization to create more paper notes of which where it is measured upon to "stabilise" economy remains unannounced or with incredible ease at keeping information hidden.
(Banks as controlled by governments: Paper notes as a measurement of currency; Print out more notes to get more interest on it) 

Digital money:
By creating a decrease of measurement based on unfounded evidences, i.e. these digital currency are not measured by its utility or energy : The public/investors pay the differences.
Another such investment can execute such a mindset and distribute their money away to keep it hidden and declare bankruptcy.

Money unpaid: When inflation or deflation occurs, the closure of banks is simply blamed on our "investment" or "mindsets" and the closure of banks and eradication of responsibility despite responsibility of safe-keeping declared; these money are never returned to the public if banks were to reopen.
I.e. Public or government overseeing of banks indicates and equates to safe-keeping responsibilities that the government had shunned responsibility away from, creating a never ending need for people to put in more work to get back what is lost.

Creating more debt from implied news/mis-agenda: When inflation occurs, and these implied but false responsibility of the people to recuperate from reinvented news of the government to go into more debt by offering "printed money" to banks and then to its people.

Implied false virtue and normalising of expenditure/materialisation: That the economy is often implied to go into recession that then must indicate the decline of economy despite concrete evidence of flourishing such as more energy and utility and man must believe that he must now live in sub par conditions of controlled food and spend more for the economy. 
That in creating more waste, he creates more energy.
And in restricting, he believes that the economy is being starved out of the blue.

When bank extend debts, the extend their "assets" just by the liability of holding money.

Expanding assets: The bank debt on people can be created through the extension of money from the treasury to the bank and bank to the people at a ratio of 1:37 by 2010, the bank then purchase bonds that represents an increased in an asset and hence can increase this ratio of how much they can lend money out. With a growth rate of 7 percent that meant doubling its assets every ten years. By 2006, bank assets were worth 75 times more than global economy.

Using the Measurement of bank GDP as economy GDP or as indicated wellbeing is skewed due to this measurement; the increase in bank assets does not indicate economy, as mentioned above.(1)
With banks as the largest resource of money, it guarantees people to get their money from banks, i.e. debts.

As of today, (A)the corruption of ideas through government and banks have led to the "liberty of bank credit" allowing them to increase their credit as much as they would like that convicts the government of being inclined and aware of stirring people into debt.
However, it guarantees the making of money through banks which banks than gets it money from the people, hence creating "economic" false growth(1) through the debt of people. (watch video 19:28)
To show government interest, they get consensus and commission by borrowing more money to people. (19:53)
Economic boom indicates more money to create this "ratio of debt" and hence increased debt through the creation of economy through debt. 
Locking the public into a Boom-bust cycle: Debt-generated economy: implies job and enterprises made through borrowed money to generate money, without debt there cease to be jobs.
Because the use of (around 33:10 to 33:27) the movement and transfer of money are leased trough a different currency and representation (perhaps a hidden agreement) through only about 4 major banks in the country, hence only a small percentage of real money from the people are actually moved (refer to ratio 1:37 debt generated money)(C)

Reserve cash statistics
In 2006 (B)Bank reserve targets, (A)->(B)->(C), 
" (A)the corruption of ideas through government and banks have led to the "liberty of bank credit" allowing them to increase their credit as much as they would like that convicts the government of being inclined and aware of stirring people into debt.
However, it guarantees the making of money through banks which banks than gets it money from the people, hence creating "economic" false growth(1) through the debt of people."

By once again enabling the bank to further reduce as and when and as much as they would like to select their ratio of "reserves" and hence influencing and deciding real money moved as mentioned in point (C)
"(around 33:10 to 33:27) the movement and transfer of money are leased trough a different currency and representation (perhaps a hidden agreement) through only about 4 major banks in the country, hence only a small percentage of real money from the people are actually moved (refer to ratio 1:37 debt generated money)(C)"
Quantity easing : In effect, gives the settlement banks the central reserve currency(referred to as the real money and a form of fiat money whereby there is no real money involved and is backed by nothing) for free. 34:33 i.e. a belief of money 37:18 that is represent by nothing and without real economic value than in its statistics.

Also, this also meant that there is no longer any meaningful fractional reserve in banks.

36:50, whereby the money of USD was still measured by the value of Gold, and hence "gold was measured by USD" and all other currencies was measured by "USD".
37:14 as long as Americans played the role of oversight, these bank structures and money would remain stable as man and his debts as "currency" that translates to "fiat money".
Money invested for growth versus money on the purchase of goods and speculation:
Money invested for real currency such as representing forms of exchange i.e. the seashell system that represented rice and gold, the exchange of goods.

Money invested for resources, i.e. to come up with more renewable energy and technology to curate renewable building and curation methods of commodities and utilities, i.e. tangible measurements of growth in wellbeing, and the increased in productivity and consideration, the increase in life-satiety.

As compared to the the temporary mood elevations of drugs, inconsiderate implementations of healthcare targetted at feeling better (whereby your flu symptoms could be covered up first as a priority instead of addressing it, and also hence why placebos are often given, nuancing the lack of any remedies at all).

Inflation of fiat money happens when there is too much money as compared to output of goods and services.

Increasing house prices as a form of "metaphoric fiat money": creates the illusion of wealth and representation of wealth, regardless of the same materials used in its own present times (the past rate of measurement of money and hence there is no real inflation in paying more for the materials, also even compared to today's time in terms of hours, skills of material and services) but only the representation of it) likewise the increment in managerial roles creates the illusion of importance irregardless of the power in jobs and the real tangible money that does not increase life satiety or wellbeing.

So even though 43:09, there is an increase "look-like" of increased wealth, this acceptance towards the trend of price increasing for household without seemingly good reason, it increase the debt of the future who then needs to hold "consensus" without awareness of these increased payments for basic living standards.

Increasing the cost of household does not generate more goods or services, utility or energy hence are not representational of economic growth. (does not help public deficit, no net gain in wealth but just the deception of it and only redistribute wealth no in its currency but in the transfer of less assets)
What it really does:
Remove poorer people, and make wealthier people pay a higher cost.

This housing ladder is a model of comparable to corporate culture whereby one earns more but holds more debt and addictions through the need of increased "look-like" aspect through the consumption of goods without the equivalent satiety or utility.

The great deception of wealth and increasing in peoples' debt: In 2011, 85.5percent was mortgage on housing alone. 
44:12 increase creation of new fiat money, 2000-2010 increase in 3 trillion pounds of new money i.e. fiat money. 44:50 Euro is a non-gdp based money, it has no output of activities, services and increased in goods and that is what causes inflation i.e. the lack of representational money. 
Non productive usage
44:40 The illusion of assets, creating a "wealth based" asset based on speculation and false representations, coming off as "investment asset".
A liked example are tulips whereby there is a speculative bubble based on non-productive speculations and are disposable.
Speculative versus productive speculations.

A dwelling allows to increase housing costs without affecting inflation data and unlike tulip, luxury houses are both a necessity and a luxury, an ideal for bubble creation and vehicle for money.
These creates increase in monetary power compared to other nations.

Financial innovation to purchase public lotteries and subscription, public shares to bring more money to bear at any one point as power to purchase army and power in comparison to other countries.
The ability to create jobs is also the ability to avoid inflation.
Real currencies via Productive would indicate more effective Railway systems and housing.
Not benefiting from what they are spending:
Through the diversion of real currencies and real productivity of increase utility of the world, question have been raised on the destruction and decrease of utility of men when they are given more time power, diverting and insinuating that more work should be given instead of addressing the debt-work based currency that increases debt and hence the increase in poor people.

With the increase in commodities and necessities, people become "poorer" and hence increase their susceptibility in debt.
Pivoting the source of help to the source of dept by circulating wealth from the poor to the wealthier (which does not indicate an increase wealth for the wealthier but the transfer of necessities through the lack of, i.e. removing access of necessities to the wealthier) and back to the financial sectors (the source of debts).

If the banking sector were to fail, all 97percent of the money would disappear 59:17, hence in the event of crisis, all responsibility are transferred to the taxpayers (the people).
I.e. the spending-cut system to shift responsibility to the people, likewise, like housing itself the increase in student debts are following the same model.
By moving from the public sector to the private sector, the responsibility are shifted away from the responsibility of the government onto other people and this trend of behaviour indicates the shift towards the most vulnerable of people who cannot shift their responsibility away. This also increase the debt of private enterprise or company through the collateral of debts which increase the cost of debts and services, i.e. the rise of rent in times of inflation "definitely aids" inflation kind of mindset.

With more debts, there is more "money" and more representational money regardless of the means and utility there is more "booms".
"cheap credit" (eg, addiction) creates more means to spend more and get into more debt, and pay more debt .

Do it yourself:

1:10:26 Bank and recession is no longer about getting more people into debt but this failed mentalities of disconcert and lack of guilt that creates a leverage of having these banks hold more power over its people of which all misdeeds are on the responsibility of the people.
1:10:10: Rise in mortality and poverty 

1:20:00 Likewise currency speculation through buy-sell instead of production, utility and pegging to gold standards, creates a form of "housing speculation" "bubble like" situation of more debt, more money.
1:23:40 Beliefs on what the economy is performing instead of what the economy is actually doing.
These "false speculations" based on beliefs result in drastic shifts.
1:30:00 Dependence on taxpayer money 

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