Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook relationship lies/propaganda to cause depression and negative affect (free ebook)

A how-to guide to create depression, an illness proclaimed to be created by (chemical imbalance) (an obvious lie, refer to older post) so that you would believe mental health and government groups that you are not okay, you are a failure, a drug a day, keep you sedated and compliant.

Help to be "relevant", "artistic", "popular",

spam these quotes" we could have been together but ...."  #Wow , time to promote new disease call .. propaganda and lies, a dose a day keeps you depressed."there's no hope for humanity, we are too selfish, come here let me take things away from you, that's the way we are. " More medicine for you to keep you sedated and suggestible. Xo, your elite leader, governments

1) accuse the author of fraud

2) blame it on a corporation

3) dissociate blame to coorporations and coorporations onto people

4) bribe or fire the judge and lawyers

5) you win mind control over the people.