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Government Structure,prison, Profits and the poverty between the elites and common people

Black market: Is black market purely the act of poor people as a means to earn more money in an unregulated market? Testing agenda: Who are the people behind the scenes? Who benefits from them? How is the money flowing from one person to another? Who have the skill to go behind the regulation of the police and the government? Which laws or the lack of promotes such behaviour: i.e propaganda that promotes violence, education system that promotes segregation, false perceptions between group think. Secrecy in group compliance between the police and the government via the means of mercenary or trained personnel under different names and "branding" and different aspects of "work": i.e. civilian watch, FBI, CIA, etc. Selling children:

Pseudo Personalities and the manipulation of ideation and actions |Kaerah Lim

Free Zenith autonomous thinking self help worksheet Resources and case studies of corruptions and manipulations: Self governance and the ruling elites , Government and corporation corruption and healthcare fraud . Ideas behind the framework of manipulation of personality: Poor ethics and morality and the main flawed intentions of idea inception and lack of autonomous character building and the beliefs system that serves as a foundation. By knowing this techniques of manipulation and creating positive versions of it, one will be hyper aware to the concepts of brainwashing without being in a close encounter to a manipulator. By building and aligning your own beliefs and triggers of memories, scripts of behaviours and self-belief system, you become a conscious creator who is aware of your habits and character and can act consciously again or beyond your current state of consciousness by growing your intrinsic motivations and intrinsic awareness to build your extrinsic persona and curating

Self governance vs the ruling elites [comparisons and case examples](corruption and censorship)[resources]

The differences in governance: Pros and cons of the utility of government overseeing and imposed/passed laws versus self made decisions to create a collective world through individual differences. Work differences: As the agenda of one is often to achieve more money, reputation and power; the collective group that serve one often ensures the unfair advantages through the management of hierarchical roles. Hence the problems that surface are the following:  Low minimum wages,  Serving the ideation of one,  Role segregation that promotes self interest via work KPI,  Work agendas and to meet the expectations of the top. How and why? This is done so to maximise profits The creation of the organisation often lies in the power of few As most people are keeping their jobs through meeting of expectations, they are not encouraged to understand the work mentality of others but to meet these expectations irregardless and also, if necessary, against others. This creates personalities and mentalitie

Ways of Government Propaganda in USA EU (conspiracy)

This post was manipulated with and hence reposted: In lieu to freedom of information act, the microwave voice to skull technology and emf wave manipulation that can create behavioural control through thought inception, For the CIA released notes for viewing:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a><br />For other CIA files:&nbsp;<a href=""></a><br /><div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: c