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Government Structure, Profits and the poverty between the elites and common people

Black market:
Is black market purely the act of poor people as a means to earn more money in an unregulated market?
Testing agenda:
Who are the people behind the scenes?
Who benefits from them?
How is the money flowing from one person to another?
Who have the skill to go behind the regulation of the police and the government?
Which laws or the lack of promotes such behaviour:
i.e propaganda that promotes violence, education system that promotes segregation, false perceptions between group think.
Secrecy in group compliance between the police and the government via the means of mercenary or trained personnel under different names and "branding" and different aspects of "work": i.e. civilian watch, FBI, CIA, etc.

Selling children:

Factors that enabled human organ trafficking: Cross border security, education, misconceptions, propaganda, etc.

Does it benefit the common people? No, they are tricked that these organs will grow back, given a bad rate compared to human worth, and might be disabled for life or partially handicapped that disables them to be able to create a means of living compared to without human organ trafficking.
Does it benefit the black market people?
If yes, the money are often unfounded, or bribery occurs.
Which means: The benefit of perhaps millions can go unnoticed by the government despite its poverty is highly unlikely.

Brainwashing people for product purchase irregardless of the common sense: i.e. people selling organs to buy an ipad that will go outdated.
Such decision are created through impulse, misinformation and hype propaganda. I.e. limiting products for a "sell out", controlling news (i.e. its stocks and company worth when the company is not doing so well) to enable a false sense of worth in owning a product that is going to be dated, and most likely, replaceable.

Government structure that disables people from being able to leave their jobs (labour) and live a well meaning life:

Proving the in-effectivity of UBI through the rates of "employment" instead of wellbeing of people:
i.e. labour more than human rights to be able to provide from themselves, is an inaccurate way to judge a country's wellbeing, if any, more likely for the benefits of elites. (that work is more likely only be able to provide monetary incentive than the goal of a well meaning life)

Experimentation fo magnetic energy as a means of self-sustaining energy (tesla theory was considered as fraud despite its applicability as the amount of money to be earned through such devices would be less compared to traditional means):

For example, adjusting the polarity of magnet, creates current, or attraction forces, to simply dismiss its potential as energy is more biblical than to say magnetic energy does not exist.

Carbon free alternatives were frequently not considered till the enlightenment and obligation towards the people and earth:

The consequence of fiat money:

How books might be cooked for other reasons than the truth:

Monetary reasons create climate detrimentation:
coral bleaching for diving industry, enabled by government and money "generators" that do not benefit the common people; i.e. we do not receive money from the rise of tourism except fo devices that are made from tax money, and engaging in these activities through the act of "silence" and paying "tax" as if the common people wanted these corals to be bleached.

Pharma corruption:

Solving food waste problem vs wasting food from food surplus:

The ignored conseqences:

Other resources:


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