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Self governance vs the ruling elites [comparisons and case examples](corruption and censorship)[resources]

The differences in governance: Pros and cons of the utility of government overseeing and imposed/passed laws versus self made decisions to create a collective world through individual differences.

Work differences: As the agenda of one is often to achieve more money, reputation and power; the collective group that serve one often ensures the unfair advantages through the management of hierarchical roles. Hence the problems that surface are the following: 
  1. Low minimum wages, 
  2. Serving the ideation of one, 
  3. Role segregation that promotes self interest via work KPI, 
  4. Work agendas and to meet the expectations of the top.
How and why?
  • This is done so to maximise profits
  • The creation of the organisation often lies in the power of few
  • As most people are keeping their jobs through meeting of expectations, they are not encouraged to understand the work mentality of others but to meet these expectations irregardless and also, if necessary, against others.
  • This creates personalities and mentalities that serve the role of work or to climb the hierarchical ladder.

Wage policies and human rights


How is self governance possible?
(watch the video for more ideas)
Also why is self governance good and a possible means?
  1. Increased ideations through faster communication and exchange of information; resulting in better and faster frameworks and productivity; irregardless of complexity of instructions that might be present through the ideation of the many individual compared to the collective whole.
  2. Diffusion of power to defeat unfair human rights and living situations; As these work organisations and governments might and most likely, do not have the interest of each individual placed within the framework, many ways are promoted to create more productivity through the sacrifice of others; such as the willingness to place others at risk for work ideas, testing of pharmaceutical products and placing badly manufactured products that have not been through testing or through the employment of low-wages and badly trained employees who have not been kept in the know due to the self-interest of the boss and managers that might like to keep these information in secrecy to promote their self-interest, irregardless of others' health and wellbeing, or autonomous rights; promoting the robotisation of humanity for productivity instead of the encouragement of creativity and good exchange of ideation and creation.
  3. A means of better feedback loop; to feedback on healthcare and work conditions often take too long a time, and also too complex or rather, the lack of power and decision rights to create a positive change towards one individual or many if it does not serve the interest of the top.
    1. Also, due to the many differences, an individual is kept better in the know of his current situation in comparison with others and within his own self knowledge; that is catered more specifically towards his own well being instead of misattribution of groups and decisions made on misinformation through others.
  4. The practice of autonomous rights is important towards building a fully enabled autonomous individual; it is also an effective means to raising the collective whole with the advancement of technology that can now enable one to be skilled with the skills of others' and other necessary equipments that used to be done through the labour and dependency of others.
    1. By reducing the reliance on one another, ideas are less likely to be weakened through misinformation and conflicting group think.
    2. It also enables one to reach his/her potential through the increased utilisation of his own being to think, do, recreate and think; this is important to realise what is necessary within one's own lifetime instead of being fully immersed in the group think of the work culture that ceased to exist after retirement.


Media control, censorship, and propaganda also corporations, lobbyist, governments and healthcare fraud.

How Bill Gates Controls Global Messaging and Censorship

What the article is about:
Shade on conformity and materialism upbringing, i.e. uniform colours that was enforced through (staying in school/other punishment methods) during singapore's education upbringing that was a decision through the pap's governance; the irony that these same expectation was not enforced on the PAP uniform serves to show the insignificance of the problem during school or to reflect that these leaders do not follow the same "expectations" that are claimed to be "good" or prove the "discipline" of the students. Also, the degradation and increase surfacing of "bad news" of vape despite its invention to be a better alternative than smoking tar, (i.e. insinuating that smoking cigarettes is "framed" as an healthier option than vape, which might not be true (compare articles before the increase trend of vapes) was mentioned to reflect the lack of concern to change the citizen's act of smoking to a better substitute.

Comparison of research articles: Unlike FDA approved drugs, these research have a healthy basis for peer review based on standards and procedures instead of privatised checks by pharmaceutical corporations who want to get their drugs validated (agenda for money and the bias to skew results to their favour)

Unhealthy monetary methods to gain more "customers" instead of helping patients:
i.e. the athsma pump by GSK worsens the condition of athsma over time and yet, is encouraged by some doctors as a form of "treatment"

Kpop industry and sex trafficking:

Humans as hackable animals:

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