Counter Procrastination and Bad Behaviours

Writing your learning script: Ingraining good and bad behaviours

How to gain more positive skills and unfuck negative mentality (How to level up and train your character part 4)

As a former ABA therapist who is trained and graduated in human behaviour and ABA therapy, psychology.
Rewarding and conditioning good behaviours with desirable rewards can become stale and ineffective.

I.e. Calling our children to table for dinner to be rewarded with foods they like or scolding them if they fail to come when called, does not seem to be winning strategy for obedience nor family time.

As an adult or teenager, we are aware of what makes us unhappy , using pavlov conditioning as an example, we come to realise that we are often stimulated and offered unconscious priming to be accustomed to society, advertising and seek immediate rewards when offered. I.e seeing the sign of MacDonald can make your kid excited, or another example being able to get what you desire when being exposed to an opportunity,…

Solar power and conductivity,Chemtrails Contrails Haarp and Darpa, Nikola tesla,free energy devices and electricity, and planning dams to prevent hazard

 free/renewable/sustainable energy:

Meet the Man Who Built His Own Power Plant

You Can Now Produce Electricity From Fruits And Vegetables! Check Out How!

How to charge your phone using body heat || New Inventions

Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting for Wearables

Graphene Sheets Generate AC Power for Wearables

solar power energy equipment:

When the gov rather you work for the entirety of your life, some alternative free energy source like the sun would be good?

This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water

Steam engine and boiler alternator off grid

Liquid Hydrogen Jet Aircraft : A Carbon-Free Flying Future?

How ducting a propeller increases efficiency and thrust

Ion Propulsion - The Plane With No Moving Parts

greater energy efficiency

energy from lift:

Ocean Power Plant Generates Energy From Waves - Unlimited Cheap Clean Electricity

china dam hazard learning lessons:

Third flood of monsoon season for Yangtze River piles pressure on China’s Three Gorges Dam

JBA Trust hydraulic flume showing how engineered structures affect flow in rivers (full video)

Wave tank demonstration showing the impact of coastal defences on flood risk

choosing your fuel... HMMM


A review of studies using hydrocarbon adsorption material for reducing hydrocarbon emissions from cold start of gasoline engine

zero carbon economy
These powerful oxidants react with and help remove other chemicals released into the atmosphere via natural and human processes, such as burning fossil fuels. One of these chemicals is methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Read more: Emissions of methane – a greenhouse gas far more potent than carbon dioxide – are rising dangerously

But hydrogen also reacts with hydroxyl radicals and, in doing so, reduces their concentration. Any hydrogen leaked into the atmosphere – such as during production, transport or at the point of use – could cause this reaction.

This would reduce the number of hydroxyl radicals available for their important cleansing function.

Jenna Walrath: Thermoelectric Materials

How to make a DIY Thermoelectric Generator

Experiment , How to make Induction motor

Solar cells and conductivity:

Solar cells based on zinc and tin sulfide compounds

Copper Zinc Tin Sulphide (CZTS) Solar Cells

Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Energy Storage Applications

Sunlight-driven eco-friendly smart curtain based on infrared responsive graphene oxide-polymer photoactuators

Capture solar power with your curtains

Solar Curtain - A Curtain Which Generate Electricity

Solar Curtain - World's First Solar Panel In Real Curtain Shape

Hydrogen battery:

Vacuum Pressure Hydrogen fuel cell defeats high gas prices using hydrogen from H2O.

Hydrogen - the Fuel of the Future?

Water Electrolysis Kit(hydrogen and oxygen separated)

common associated inferiorities to using social media:
never good enough, need more material goods, need perfect family friends, need to compensate to an engineering of lies and resorting to photoshop and seeking cheap company for flattery;
However, recent studies also indicate that exposure to positive posts on Facebook may induce envy and lead to depression" (Steers et al., 2014, Tandoc et al., 2014)

The emotional responses of browsing Facebook: Happiness, envy, and the role of tie strength

Fear and Social Control

Researchers Grow “Frankenstein Ants” to Study Epigenetics

Public Lecture—Printing Solar Cells for Greener Energy

Printing Australia's largest solar cells

Transparent, flexible solar cells

Researchers develop a novel technique using graphene to create solar cells they can mount on surfaces ranging from glass to plastic to paper and tape.,the%20literature%2C%E2%80%9D%20says%20Kong.

On Nanotech Engineering's 92% efficiency graphene-CNTs solar panel claim

Even though, the measured FF (69.9%) is still low compared with the thin film GaAs solar cells (typically above 80%)41 .

41 Bauhuis, G. J., Mulder, P., Haverkamp, E. J., Huijben, J. C. C. M. & Schermer, J. J. 26.1% thin-film GaAs solar cell using epitaxial lift-off. Sol. Energ. Mat. Sol. C. 93, 1488-1491 (2009). 42 Chen, C. F. et al. Controlling inelastic light scattering quantum pathways in graphene. Nature 471, 617-620 (2011). 43 Nagashio, K., Nishimura, T., Kita, K. & Toriumi, A. Contact resistivity and current flow path at metal/graphene contact. Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 143514 (2010).

Coating Solar Panels with Carbon Nanotubes Can Triple Efficiency - Beautiful News Daily: 2020-02-11

Self starting solar powered stirling engine

Free ebook:

Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth

Chemtrails Exposed: A new Manhattan Project

Generating electricity through emf:

how to check free energy devices; if there is any electromagnetic induction; (regarding other videos I posted and finding what actually works)

EMF Motors and Generators

EMF Motors & Generators Part II

possibility of generating Kinetic energy through the resistance of conductor during change of current:

Inductors and Inductance

How to check free energy devices:

The Curious Case of Free Energy Device

false free energy devices: 

Free Energy Devices Build and Science

The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla - HAARP

Nikola Tesla - Free-Energy Devices

wireless tesla energy:
Wireless energytesla coil: how to power the world with wireless energy

TESLA, Nikola : The Inventions & Researches of Nikola Tesla

covert military/civilian operations like massive biological
experiments on whole cities and countrysides of people/ecologies—
tests which are unauthorized & without consent or even public
knowledge. The purpose is nothing less than the actual physical
transformation of the earth's atmosphere in order to provide a platform for
the latest chemical & electromagnetic technologies of warfare,
communication, weather control, low-yield biological warfare, and control
of populations through "non-lethal" chemical/electromagnetic means.
Project Cloverleaf is a global phenomenon. This is its short,
documented history.

it is possible to use the ionosphere to "skip" HAARP radio-frequency
transmissions to any region of the United States. Uncovered documents show that
the Pentagon is also extremely interested in "steering storm systems" for weather
modification, and in using sprayed aerosols to obscure the sky.
Chemtrail researcher Will Thomas agrees that the spraying seems to be for
weather modification and/or neutralizing global warming effects. He further
purports that this weather modification is being conducted due to pressure from
insurance companies who see financial ruin on their horizon with continued high
disaster-related claims. The catch? These weather modification tactics are further
depleting the ozone hole and enhancing global warming. It is a short-term,
"band-aid" answer with even worse consequences.

Electricity is just the flow of electrons. Something we can solve and create; human rights energy and necessity should not be a carrot in front of the donkey

Redox reaction from dissolving zinc in copper sulfate

Water Activated Battery

Putting CO2 to Use

Engineers Build a Device That Effectively Transforms CO2 Into Liquid Fuel

Converting CO2 into usable energy

Carbon capture and sequestration in power generation: review of impacts and opportunities for water sustainability

OS:Stephen Dickens Magnesium-Water-Copper Battery

Perpetual Motion - Bhaskara's Wheel - Free Energy

How to Build a Bicycle Generator

Tesla’s Tower of Power

35:18 governments always have a way to turn good things into weapon,

Free energy of Tesla. Film (Dubbed into English).

Is Algae The Fuel Of The Future? | Answers With Joe

Politics and Government: Examples of Withholding free speech and manipulations


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