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Micro affliction (types of abuse in the modern times)

 Whereby societal values are a masquerade of hidden agendas; and love, compassion and kindness is framed for money and weaknesses exploited for hatred and puppetry. Slavery and environmental damages including the exploitation of global warming, funded corrupted non-profit organisations that hold no will to serve the right cause. The lower ranked working class chime in their worth by hanging themselves by the clock.  Knowing the problems of society is a slap in the face when the masters, psychopaths and sociopaths that earns from their compliant nature, feasts from their wretched anguished pain that lashes out with festering addiction fed by corrupted pharmaceutical companies. The man who ticks to the time of others, loses his hands in making his own time. Violence is not just in full bloom in crimson self hatred, it is festered in corruption leading to one's own demise, let grief be exploited by funerals, partnership in marriage, help in psychotherapy. Appeal to the top, whose face

Breast cancer misdiagnosis and fraud corporations and disney trips

  “The chance of having a false positive result after one mammogram ranges from   7 to 12 percent , depending on your age. (Younger women are more likely to have a false positive result.) Women who have past mammograms available for comparison reduce their odds of a false-positive finding by about  50 percent . After 10 yearly mammograms, the chance of having a false positive is about  50 to 60 percent .” (qouted from: ) Support for breast cancer have been ongoing for several years to help promote and create awareness. This is being done by wearing pink ribbon pin on any garment to show that you accept and support women who are fighting their fight with breast cancer. Likewise, many big corporations channel their support by encouraging their employees to wear the badge on their uniforms. This have also garnered donations in the thousands to breast cancer found