Programming illegal surveillance and control in civilians for surveillance and military through mental disorders and surveillance technology. (CIA illegal crimes with documentations) (MKultra,MKchatter,Bluebird,Midnight Climax) Free ebooks

MKULTRA-CIA Mind Control Research and Documentation

Why read more about mkultra and find CIA leaked documents? (edwardsnowden, wikileaks, are one of the major contributors.
microwave tech: (5g cancer tech, making symptoms of physical illness through microwave through emf radio/electrical appliances can create false diagnosis under bribed doctors that can create fase diagnosis and hence, wrongfully operate/medicate and result in deaths of individuals)

In the following three ebooks: I found out about the experiments on mind control over animals, teeth to ear and brain, voice and speech surveillance carried out by CIA, drugs to trance/hypnotise individuals and to promote the lack of awareness and control by the once autonomous individual (possibly for forced confession or to program/ suggest and change one's personality to commit crimes and past on secret criminal infromation through emf waves (i.e. similar to discrete radio waves) to unknowing civilians with burried alter (fragmented personalities (read MPD, dissociation can occur through watching too much TV, trauma, which results in mental blockages, causing faulty recall, hence perpetraters can air information to these victims and hide information within these blockages as they too, in the declassified documents have bribed and hired doctors who not only know how to integrate MPD (dissociated alters) but also what creates it.) If this is not convincing: mk ultra midnight climax is a real illegal crime used by CIA in the past, of which CIA have admitted to, reading mkultra monarch and drawing reference to prostitution and drawing out important information over sex is not normal under normal circumstances, these victims could have been drugged/hypnotised or are acting on false beliefs based on amnesia and dissociated personalities:

social engineering: CIA MK ultra, Midnight Climax, Super ants, robots, Tesla wireless power for a whole country, tech surveillance, vaccine related bioweapon warfare, false stats,operation paper clip, us stealing tech and apple siri

microchip mindcontrol and vaccine : Hitachi is selling microchip technology to the public, called the Mu chip, it can be attached to passports and banknotes and easily implanted into human beings by subdermal injection. It is 0.4 mm by 0.4 mm, about the size of a flat grain of sand. It is an RFID (radio frequency ID) chip, meaning when the chip is scanned it will instantly register your personal bar code, which will then plug into the master database of your life. A larger chip, the size of a grain of sand is sold by Verichip which is capable of sending radio signals, locating you via GPS, and accessing you remotely. It is being marketed as a way to automatically debit your bank account for purchases, enter restricted areas, or interface with computer systems. The public has been gradually drawn into accepting microchips that are now routinely put into pets and even small children. In 1972 doctors at the University of Mississippi implanted electrodes into the brains of black children as young as five years old, with the purpose of controlling ―hyperactive‖ and ―aggressive‖ behavior. A report by one researcher stated ‗Their brains were being implanted with electrodes that were heated up to melt areas of the brain that regulate emotion and intellect‖. ―Brain-actuated control‖ is under development at the Dayton, Ohio, base to help pilots deal with the increasing amount of information needed to fly modern jets, said Grant McMillan, director of Patterson's biocybernetics lab. Eventually, pilots may be able to control flight using only their minds, he added. With biofeedback, in which changes in the brain are portrayed on screens, volunteers learn how to control the electrical activity created by their thought processes. Scalp monitors pick up the electrical signals, and a computer translates them into mechanical commands." (The Houston Chronicle, Brainpower, 16, Feb. 1995)-from book on cia mkultra the new pheonix program
fighting chemtrails through awareness of posession and satanism (spiritual warfre):
we receive negative and positive messages everyday, this can not only be daily programming from media but also the manipulations from evil intentions of those who sin, hence, carrying prayers and learning spiritual warfare even if without definite belief in god, can be helpful to fight chemtrails and nanotech and the programming of evil messages.
HAARP (is a dangerous complimnt to nanotech and emf of electronic appliances) : "The HAARP project manager describes the ―experiment‖ of earth penetrating capability using ―frequencies of 10 to 20 Hertz (pulses per second) or maybe one Hertz, one cycle per second type waves.‖ This range of frequencies are the same dominant frequencies within which the human brain normally operates. Objections to nondisclosure of the biological effects of ELF on living things were ignored. The military, particularly the Navy and Air Force, have extensive research on the negative effects of ELF. These effects have been well documented but the government easily deflects public concern by playing down the effects and minimizing the risks. This is the same method used for other military systems, including nuclear weapons tests, LSD experiments, and radiation experiments, all carried out on unknowing subjects under the guise of National Security. The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has been falsified as to the true nature of the weapon system, its capabilities, and its possible fallout. The military will never abandon this aspect of the miniature Manhattan Project regarding RFR weapons because of the extreme versatility and relative inexpensive weapons system. HAARP can do seven things or more…Generate an EMP to disable electronic devices, improve submarine communications, more flexible and accurate radar, disrupt enemy communications while maintaining ours, earth penetrating radar for finding hidden installations, finding oil, gas and mineral deposits, detection of low flying missiles and planes. These are just the publicly stated capabilities." - Book on CIA mkultra program (the new pheonix program)

False Compliancy via brainwashing eugenics based eduction and Prescription Vaccination Fraud ft.newworldwar

How mind control is hidden in everyday life:

Food lobbyist and food surveillance/control: for free on pdfdrive: mike adams (food forensics, the hidden toxins lurking in your food and how you can avoid them for lifelong health):

nanotech in food and the possibility of nanotech in military and mind control :

Nanotechnology Connects Your Brain To Your Computer - BTF

By ingesting food and tech without your permission and through the creation of alters through virtual stimulations: you might be doing things against your autonomous will and doing it through the internet.
Monitoring and programming the human mind :""Dr. Jose Delgado: Delgado came to Yale University in 1950 and received CIA funds through the Office of Naval Intelligence. He perfected the stimoceiver, an electronic brain implant used to transmit electrical impulses directly to the brain, one version of which uses a radio signal to remotely deliver electrical stimulation of the brain. In one experiment Delgado remotely stimulates the brain of a normal eleven year old boy who becomes confused about his sexual identity, and proceeds to tell Dr. Delgado he wants to marry him. In 1975 Delgado published ―Two way Communication with the Brain‖ that explained his success at linking the implants directly to computers with the ―ability to perform simultaneous recording and stimulation of brain functions, thereby permitting the establishment of feedbacks and on-demand programs of excitation with the aid of the computer‖. This allowed ―Long-term EEG in unrestrained patients‖, ―provide information directly to the brain, circumventing normal sensory receptors‖, ―Communication from the brain to computer and back to the brain‖, ―Clinical applications to humans of on-demand programs of stimulation, triggered by predetermined electrical pattern‖. (Kieth pg100) By the 1980‘s Delgado emphasized changing brainwave patterns and physiology through electromagnetic broadcasting that could be utilized at up to three kilometers. In an interview he stated ―This new knowledge is so important that I think is should radically change the philosophy of our education system, which believes in the sanctity of individuals, thinking that an individual exists at birth. This belief is not true… and this science is going to prove the fallacy of democracy in the sense that we talk about the rights of the individual; this democratic belief is not true‖. ―Looking into the future, it may be predicted that telerecording and telestimulation of the brain will be widely used‖. (Kieth pg 101)"
Programming mental illnesses:"Programming Levels: Dr. Corydon Hammond spoke to fellow psychology professors at the Fourth Annual Eastern regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality in Alexandria, Virginia on June, 25, 1992. The title of the lecture was ―Hypnosis in Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD): Ritual Abuse‖. Hammond says he interviewed other psychologists and psychiatrists who were encountering the same types of cases, ―without leading or contaminating‖. Hammond states that as many as two-thirds of the ritual abuse cases had been subjected to a highly developed and uniform technology of mind control. Often these will be persons programmed by their parents who are involved in cultic practice such as Satanism, or in intelligence agency programs. Hammond believes there are several levels of programming that can be accessed by letters in the Greek alphabet. The first level, ALPHA, is generalized mind control, base level programming characterized by augmented memory and the splitting of the mind into left and right brain divisions. BETA is apparently programming of sexuality and the destruction of moral inhibitions. GAMMA is a level providing mind control system protection involving deception and misdirection. DELTA is the assassination programming level, and includes killers trained to perform ritual sacrifice. THETA is termed the ―psychic killer‖ level OMEGA is the level of programming dictating self-destruction, and is intended to cause the subject to commit suicide when they are interrogated or begin therapy. It is difficult to substantiate that a vast mind control underground exists, but the reports of people who believe that they have been victims of mind control coincide with Dr. Hammond‘s information. (Dr. Colin Ross)" 

suicide and faking mental illness: Cointelpro operations are presently being incorporated into the development of microwave and radio frequency weapons. Dissidents that in the past were visibly attacked or assassinated in a traditional manner are now targeted for elimination using electromagnetic weapons. These internal dissidents are used as human guinea pigs and experimental subjects in terminal experiments that are designed to force a suicide, incarceration, or premature death due to the effects of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation. These political assassinations are accomplished with invisible bullets that leave no obvious injuries. The theme of forced suicide, such as the MLK and Seaberg blackmail letters has remained constant. What is different is that driving a target to suicide using microwave hearing as well as other techniques is perfectly deniable because these individuals are tormented invisibly and unable to receive help from the psychiatric community due to the symptoms of the attacks mimicking symptoms of schizophrenia that naturally affect several million Americans. Thus the intelligence agencies achieve perfect deniability for their crimes. 
targetted individuals page 34 microwave attacks that physically burn them, or less obvious manipulation of their emotional state. The ability of the technology to secretly obstruct purposeful human behavior should not be underestimated. Targets are often seemingly toyed with, but the ultimate aim of the experiment is the terminal destruction of the TI. Not everyone watching the drama on satellite TV, the internet, or listening on radio will understand exactly what it is they are watching. The TI is both a very expensive lab rat for the health effects of microwave weapons, a training tool for a stalking army, a psychology experiment to perfect mind control, fodder for publishing scientific papers, and a commodity to be sold for entertainment purposes a la reality TV. The incredible expense of gang stalking several thousand people on an enemies list is offset by selling the TI as a human guinea pig for weapons development programs, medical experiments, psychology experiments (GSA contracts), and a "reality TV show" that might be sold on the internet, satellite TV, or satellite radio. The audience is made up of several tiers of viewers and participants. The perspective of the drama that unfolds before the satellite TV and internet audience is the action as seen through the eyes of the TI with the targets "inner voice" typed out on the screen below. This same "inner voice" feed may be heard on radio by people who are not quite sure exactly what they are witnessing. The low level perpetrators that are lied to and used for gang stalking, the private armies so to speak, are given key words or game plans to attack the TI in public. One example might be the use of yahoo groups on the internet to feed this information to the private armies. A yahoo group set up to discuss sports might start "chatter" about how much they like the taste of coca cola. This website is used to "call the play" and the target might go out in public that day and encounter multiple perpetrators triggering them with coke bottles to remind them of their torture. Higher level perpetrators receive a direct feed from the link that goes from brain to computer to brain. They refer to themselves as being part of the "Borg". These operatives are in constant real time communication with each other and are able to monitor the inner voice of the target, and respond with verbal attacks in real time. These capabilities were originally developed to monitor soldiers in battle and facilitate their communication with each other. Military pilots used these brain to computer links to manipulate the control surfaces of their aircraft instantaneously. This nightmare is not science fiction, and is actually worse than it sounds. For what purpose would DARPA build a world wide web for tracking targets that cannot be escaped. Why would Aquino and Alexander turn their speed of light anti-personnel weapons on these few thousand people. Why build legions of private armies to harass and torment innocent people. What twisted purpose could it serve. One thing is for certain, once these perpetrators begin gang stalking or agree to be joined to the link of brain to computer to brains, once in the "Borg" they are trapped. The same harassment techniques and microwave weapons that are used to torture and manipulate the TI population can be used to torture and kill the population of perpetrators. Once they have been sold on the targeting program through appeals to their patriotism, religion, greed, or plain curiosity, they are trapped as if they were in a gang and the penalty for leaving is death...or worse. VIII Targeted Individuals (TI’s) The internet is awash in websites of people claiming to be targets of ... ( the new pheonix program II)

With microwave voice to skull technology and the pattern matching og subvocal sounds produced by darpa and pattern matching via nanotech particles, subvocal voices of strangers generated through mind control surveillance can create the paranoia of thought broadcasting or that people are listening in to, with the engineering and programming of alters that resemble our perpetrators, we constantly dream/imagine the worst case scenario and act as if it's real and create actions in response accordingly, with possession through satanic rituals whereby altars of other personalities, are not only intercepted through imagination, trauma, and virtual computer generation,  strangers would also appear to "know" as a result of the paranoia mind that makes up assumptions and feels that it is necessary due to the inner reality and splitting of personalities, memories, and false memories, created by amnesia.
How emf intercepted our daily thinking patterns: 
- All harassment consists of unique, carefully engineered-improvable events to produce psychological stress in the victim. There are no events which do not fit that apparent purpose. - In every series of stress event type, ONE introductory event of very high energy/effect is staged. The obvious purpose is to be certain the victim KNOWS this is external harassment, and not just "bad luck". From that time forward, the perpetrators appear to apply "Pavlov an training" so that they can get the victim to "jump" (or react in some way) to the same effect at a tiny fraction of the initial "introductory" event. - This type of harassment started during the Cold War, and shows every characteristic of military and intelligence psychological warfare operations. - This type of harassment points to CONTROL of the test subject. Endlessly repeated words generated inescapably within the skull are just one hypnosis-like experience. - The total number and type of crimes, which make up gang stalking and electronic harassment simply could not take place without cover being supplied by government. Bizarre court decisions in which the target is forced into involuntary mental health treatment and a criminal spouse (for example, a pedophile father discovered "doing" his own child) clearly show that gang stalking and electronic harassment are heavily protected by all levels of government and the medical establishment. Here is a list of most of the common effects. It is not exhaustive, but is intended to show the reader how the perpetrators' palette of stress effects is broken down. Indent levels are used to show categories and sub-categories: 1. Invasive At-a-Distance Body Effects (including mind) a. Sleep deprivation and fatigue i. Silent but instantaneous application of "electronic caffeine" signal, forces awake and keeps awake ii. Loud noise from neighbors, often SYNCHRONIZED to attempts to fall asleep iii.Precision-to-the-second "allowed sleep" and "forced awakening"; far too precise and repeated to be natural iv. Daytime "fatigue attacks", can force the victim to sleep and/or weaken the muscles to the point of collapse b. Audible Voice to Skull (V2S) i. Delivered remotely, at a distance ii. Made to appear as emanating from thin air iii.Voices or sound effects only the victim can hear c. Inaudible Voice to Skull (Silent Sound) i. Delivered at a distance by radio signal; manifested by sudden urges to do something/go somewhere you would not otherwise want to; silent (ultrasonic) hypnosis is possible ii. Programming hypnotic "triggers" - i.e. specific phrases or other cues which cause specific involuntary actions d. Violent muscle triggering (flailing of limbs) i. Leg or arm jerks to violently force awake and keep awake ii. Whole body jerks, as if body had been hit by large jolt of electricity iii.Violent shaking of body; seemingly as if on a vibrating surface but where surface is in reality not vibrating e. Precision manipulation of body parts (slow, specific purpose) i. Manipulation of hands, forced to synchronize with closed-eyes but FULLY AWAKE vision of previous day; very powerful and coercive, not a dream. ii. Slow bending almost 90 degrees BACKWARDS of one toe at a time or one finger at a time iii.Direct at-a-distance control of breathing and vocal cords; including involuntary speech iv. Spot blanking of memory, more than normal forgetfulness f. Reading said-silently-to-self thoughts i. Engineered skits where your thoughts are spoken to you by strangers on street or events requiring knowledge of what you were thinking ii. Real time reading subvocalized words, as while the victim reads a book, and BROADCASTING those words to nearby people who form an amazed audience around the victim g. Direct application of pain to body parts i. Hot-needles-deep-in-flesh sensation ii. Electric shocks (no wires whatsoever applied) iii.Powerful and unquenchable itching, often applied precisely when victim attempts to do something of a delicate or messy nature iv. "Artificial fever", sudden, no illness present v. Sudden racing heartbeat, relaxed situation h. Surveillance and tracking i. Rapping under your feet as you move about your apartment, on ceiling of apartment below ii. Thru wall radar used to monitor starting and stopping of your urination - water below turned on and off in sync with your urine stream

Engineering criminals: "They needed lower profile subjects than soldiers and government people so only young willing females would do. Besides," he said, "I like scaring them. They in the Agency think I am a God, creating subjects in experiments for whatever deviant purposes Sid and James could think up" (Sid being Dr. Sidney Gottlieb; James is Dr. James Hamilton). In 1958 they told me I was to be tested by some important doctors from the Society, or the Human Ecology Society and I was instructed to cooperate." 
Mind control of the human mind: EM mind control machines were championed at Stanford University by Dr. Karl Pribram, director of the Neuropsychology Research Laboratory: "I certainly could educate a child by putting an electrode in the lateral hypothalamus and then selecting the situations at which I stimulate it. In this way I can grossly change his behavior." Psychology Today celebrated Pribram as "The Magellan of Brain Science." He obtained his B.S. and M.D. degrees at the University of Chicago, and at Stanford University studied how the brain processes and stores sensory imagery. He is credited with discovering that mental imaging bears a close resemblance to hologram projection (the basis for transmitting images to the craniums of test subjects under the misnomer "remote viewing?"). (Constantine) Dr. Michael Persinger, a psychologist and neuro-scientist, ―did research on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the brain for a Pentagon weapons project‖. He has worked in the field for 40 years and has been funded by the Navy and reportedly the NSA as well. Persinger perfected a means to make experimental subjects feel they have been abducted by aliens or had an encounter with angels or God through the use of a modified motorcycle helmet equipped with solenoids to send electromagnetic pulses through the frontal lobes of their brains. ―Human experience of God can be generated by a process that has nothing to do with whether God exists or not.‖ Persinger published, ―On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms.‖ (1995) ―A process which is coupled to the narrow band of brain temperature could allow all normal human brains to be affected by a sub harmonic whose frequency range at 10 Hz would only vary by 0.1 Hz.‖ ―Random variations, of noise within the matrices could potentially differentiate between individual brains.‖ In other words individuals could be identified by the specific characteristics of their brain output. ―Identification of these sequences could also allow direct access to the most complex neurocognitive processes associated with the self, human consciousness and the aggregate of experimental representations (episodic memory) that define the individual within the brain.‖ In other words, a person‘s memory, consciousness, and sense of self can be fully accessed and modified by electromagnetic means…essentially a person‘s personality can be completely shaped by electromagnetic means much like the research of Dr. Ewen Cameron sought to do with more primitive means. Persinger says brain processes can be ―circumvented by direct induction of this information within the brain…the basic premise is that synthetic duplication of the neuroelectrical correlates generated by sensors to an actual stimulus should produce identical experiences without the presence of that stimulus.‖ Mental illness, criminal act, hypnosis, and trance control via media: He is saying that virtually any mental state can be artificially injected into a human brain…from an exterior source. The most frightening thing is that the means for doing this already exist in a fully operational form on a worldwide basis. ―The power levels for these amplitudes are similar to those associated with the signals (generated globally by radio and communication systems)… Within the last two decades a potential has emerged which was improbable but which is now marginally feasible. This potential is the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species…by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed.‖ Persinger‘s message, minus the jargon, is that the entire human race can be mind controlled through the use of television and radio networks. (Kieth 207)
Also, (found in later parts of the book)
Physical trauma and constant harassment by strangers in public places raises the stress level of the target to artificially high levels and pegs it there in an effort to mentally break down the target in a manner similar to what was done in the lab under MKULTRA. The psychological toll begins to instill paranoia and psychosis, which is when the manipulation of perception and the effort to ―reprogram‖ the thinking patterns of the TI begins in earnest. It is common to manipulate the behavior and speech of the people around them in social situations such that one is unsure just who is saying things to harass them and who is prompted to speak on sensitive topics by remote manipulation using the Smirnov or Malech patent. Some TI‘s report that the voices are trying to trick them into acts of violence, such as entering a school and shooting people. This is instructive in the wake of the wave of school shootings and other apparently spontaneous acts of random violence that have no clear motivation. The effort to cause school shootings is a classical destabilization campaign to raise the level of fear in society that promotes acceptance of repressive measures by the parents but also has led to school children living in fear and seeing armed uniformed men in the school that normalizes their acceptance of living in a police state. 
These assumptions are Not so absurd with both nanotech particles in your body via food and targeting via paid individuals that can brainwash you (example advertisement, false messages spread as if everyday conversations) and even possible with your casual day to day acts such as visiting the dentist ( I've verified  the information with cia declassified information shared through the ebooks mentioned below with this article): :

Manchurian candidate:

Manufacturing consent/talk by Noam Chomsky:

Ninety seven percent owned money :

Mind control voice to skull tech:

Human zoo , fake darwinian theory:

Animal remote control :

Google android illegal surveillance :

Manipulation of media, everyday hired surveillance marketing suggestibility: the corporations:

What is remote neural monitoring? Emf Waves and thought broadcasting/signaling []


Mind wars : a history of mind control, surveillance, and social engineering by the government,

Project Mkultra, The CIAs Program Of Research In Behavioral Modification (joint hearing)

Project MKUltra, The CIA's Program of Research in - The Black Vault

Shimmering Light: Lost In An MKULTRA House of Anu

MKULTRA {Monarch} - SecretAgenda

Sweden using MK-Ultra, Monarch Mind Control methods against their citizen


book II (the new pheonix program II)

Psychic driving to break down personalities: Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) technology kills with ionizing and non-ionizing radiation or slowly drives the target crazy with silent sound, similar to CIA MKULTRA psychiatrist Ewen Camerons psychic driving technique used to break down the targets personality. The new buzzwords at the Pentagon are silent kill, synthetic telepathy and psychotronics. Another means of attack on targets is the Smirnov patent that uses subliminal suggestion to manipulate human behavior. This patent was purchased by the remote viewing company Psi Tech Corporation. Military intelligence officers involved in developing these "non-lethal weapons" include Col. John B. Alexander, NSA General Michael Aquino, Harold Puthoff, and others, also control Psi Tech. Emotional manipulation is accomplished using Dr. Michael Persinger's work to remotely project emotional states that the brain entrains or locks onto and emulates. One can broadcast rage or fear at an individual target to manipulate and control them. As if these methods were not enough to torture and murder people, add to this nightmarish toolbox, active gang stalking. CIA created cults and other cause-oriented groups are used to induce further trauma in the target by actively harassing them in public in a neutralization technique described in counterintelligence operations manuals that are aimed at enemy agents. In the race to develop a new weapon system it has always been necessary to test it on human beings. Perfecting the latest weapons designed to kill slowly and silently as well as perfecting the process of controlling the human mind are no different. Once the weaponry has been perfected on these few thousand people the same techniques will be applied en mass to the general population, and then to humanity as a whole.
video for additional reference: (the sleep room)
search psychic driving by ewen cameron psychic driving for more information

CIA's secret brainwashing experiment: Former patients sue U.S. government (1984) - The Fifth Estate

  1. Brainwashed: The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada - The Fifth Estate

"Another means of attack on targets is the Smirnov patent that uses subliminal suggestion to manipulate human behavior."
-sourcebook: the new pheonix program II

Monarch: The New Phoenix Program II

(although there is truth, this book might be written by a programmer with negative intents, hence read this as a means to know more, but not to be utterly convinced or to practice) Hence I do not reccomend the link, but have quoted it as source of information for those quoted: 
why do i refer to this book then? with reference to the past two books and over ten ebooks, the following information is credible to an extent as it is supported by other ritual abuse victims, sex traffickers, mkultra and also mkultra leaked documents as well as psychology and MPD (dissociation, alters) research papers:

Disassociation helps to form a shield of secrecy. This serves two functions. It protects the Monarch programmers from being found out, and it prevents the primary personality from knowing how he or she is being exploited. This allows the primary personality to live a somewhat normal life.

Example of the cruel manipulation to limit and confine the victim to prevent the escape of the abuser:

In some cases an alter won’t have an ability that the primary personality does because the programmer wanted to limit the alter’s behavior. For example, the programmer might make a sex slave alter incapable of driving a car in order to keep her from being able to escape him.

Who are the possible victims?

Those with irrational fear, obsession and false theories about the world and others.

“Monarch mind-control victims may have an irrational fear of things like heights, snakes, spiders, water, clowns, dolls, cameras or hypodermic needles. They may have various sexual obsessions or phobias. They may be drawn to S&M relationships. They may fear being touched. They may feel both repulsed and attracted to some potential sex partner. They may respond to a pleasant romantic experience with a delayed fear response which comes on hours or days later. It’s common for victims to have food aversions and eating disorders. It’s common for victims to have digestive problems. Some victims may become vegetarian as a reaction to witnessing cannibalistic rituals.”

Is it possible for me to be a victim of brainwashing or mind control?

Ps: I am a student, who have not been sexually or physically abused.

Answers: If you watch horror movies, read and were obsessed with horror/fantasy books, played scary video games or any games or books/movie/drama with unrealistic expectations of life that you had became obsessed with and even dream about it.

You can consider this as a trigger to command hallucination, read more in previous post.

Also, you might be a victim of : “Mental torture can be as emotionally traumatic as physical torture. Whether a victim was physically tortured or mentally tortured through a Monarch virtual-reality technique, the torture is always experienced as being real. The victim of torture may experience symptoms of paranoia or psychosomatic illness as a result of the trauma. A therapist working with a Monarch victim might find clues to the torture techniques used in the past by looking at the symptoms which the victim is experiencing in the present time.”

Having problems sleeping? Driving without noticing? Eating and watching TV in a trance-light state? (Highly unaware of what you are doing and having problems of recalling what you had been doing?) You might have been manipulated by TV and media (including social posts) into an altered state of consciousness that have increased your suggestibility to being hypnotised, or believing bad things that might happen to you (increasing your irrational fear and anxiety to everyday living)

“Monarch abuse survivors may feel plagued by unseen evil forces. They may experience anxiety when talking about 29 Kerth Barker God or religion. They may go back and forth between having a resentment against God and being obsessively devout in their spiritual beliefs or practices. Sleep disorders and nightmares are common for the victims of this type of abuse. Such persons may easily dissociate from their emotions during an ordinary conversation. They may suddenly look as if they are in a trance state, or they might stare through you as if not seeing really seeing you at all. Psychosomatic pains and sensations may exist. They may have frequent headaches. They may experience pains or medical problems even when medical tests fail to show a cause. So conversion disorder is common. Survivors of Monarch mind control may respond with anxiety to bright lighting. They may be easily startled by loud noises.”

“They may have obsessive ideas, such as believing that they are being continually watched. (Although in some cases this belief is actually rational.)”


the following information can be verified or is similar to other CIA and false memory induction information, hence can be credible to an extent:

THE CIA’s FALSE MEMORY SCAM The False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) is a CIA disinformation scam. This Foundation claims, “Some of our memories are true, some are a mixture of fact and fantasy, and some are false -- whether those memories seem to be continuous or seem to be recalled after a time of being forgotten or not thought about.” This statement above is essentially a lie. All memories are true. Memory itself is not plastic. Sometimes a fantasy can become confused with a memory. And sometimes your perception of a memory may be altered by prejudiced ideas. But the memory itself is always a perpetual artifact of the mind. Notice that the statement above suggests that even continuous memories may be false. That means that your memory of what happened ten minutes ago may be false. Or that your memory of waking up this morning may be false. In other words, you are not allowed to trust any memory you have of the past. They, the authorities of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, will tell you which memories of yours are false or true. There is such a thing as a pseudo-memory. The prefix pseudo means to imitate something. However, the word false comes from a Latin root word that means fraud. This suggests that 35 Kerth Barker memories themselves can be fraudulent or deceitful. But that’s not really the case. Memories can be confused with fantasies, but they are always themselves true. It may seem like I’m making a needless point of semantics, but the distinction between true memory and pseudo-memory is actually very important. A pseudo-memory is something that imitates a memory but isn’t one. A true memory may be confused for an imitation of a memory, but a true memory never contains false information. Therefore there is no such thing as a false memory. When you understand how to discern between a true memory and a pseudo-memory, you can always have an accurate perception of your past experiences. And such discernment can be learned. This is a fact that the FMSF institute does not want you to know. The real purpose of this FMSF institute is to trick you into believing that you should not trust even your own memory of your life’s experiences. The deceptive concept which this institute sells to the public is that governmental propaganda should be believed, whereas your own memories should not. In their twisted view of things, truth is therefore not to be defined by your own observations or memories, but by the official pronouncements of the federal government. The CIA has a long history of lies and disinformation. When it wants to cover up some truth, it creates a deceptive foundation or a phony study group to deceive the public. It’s done this so many times that’s it’s amazing the general public hasn’t caught on to its tricks. FMSF is a group that was created by CIA mind-control experts and by persons accused of being pedophiles. And in one case, one of their advisors is a professional illusionist. 36 Overcoming Monarch Mind Control Below is a partial list of the FMSF’s leaders. 

Do not believe around page 59

The book is a wonderful guide, as a person who have spent the last year researching on mind control, I however advice learning but not seeking hypnotherapist who might mess with your mind programming (i.e. I believe in false ideas induced during a trance like state, hence I seek “help” by encouraging more false ideas to override past beliefs is unhelpful and damaging to the individual) i.e. you do not create another remote control to control the past remote control to the program.

The fabien therapy and seeking a therapist who have helped other dissociated (MPD, bipolar, ADHD, OCD) patients, would be a better support and platform compared to a hypnotherapist.Learning meditation would be an even better means (do not seek hypnosis meditation due to concern mentioned above) .

Think your government would not resort to such means? think again!

Using broadcast speakers to induce suggestible sounds to create irrational fear for control over canadian civilians: 

The Canadian Military Declares War on Canadians  by corbettreport

Refer to : In 1939 Orson Wells broadcast the War of the Worlds radio program that had the effect of general panic along the entire east coast of the US. People who listened to the broadcast and did not hear the disclaimer at the beginning of the program actually believed they were under attack. This unintentional psychological warfare operation may have been the basis for the military use of UFO stories as a cover for other sensitive military operations such as the masking of Air Force experimental aircraft. Implanting memories of alien abduction as a cover for kidnapping and mind control experimentation may have been another. Many of the UFO organizations and conventions have military intelligence assets present and much of the UFO literature may be attributed to authors with connections to intelligence agencies.-qoute from book on cia mind control mk ultral the new pheonix program
 more on surveillance quoting from the same book : Eschelon: Signals Intelligence refers to the ability to eaves drop on cell phones, land lines, radios, and email. Eschelon was the name of the program that was exposed in Australia when it was charged with being used for political purposes. Eschelon‘s surveillance power lies in its ability ―to tap all international and some domestic communications circuits, and sift out messages which sound interesting. Computers automatically analyze every telex message or data signal, and can also identify calls to, say, a target telephone number in London, no matter from which country they originate.‖According to the BBC, ―Every international telephone call, fax, e-mail, or radio transmission can be listened to by powerful computers capable of voice recognition. They home in on a long list of key words, or patterns of messages. They are looking for evidence of international crime, like Terrorism.‖ Building on an original post WWII alliance between the US, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, Eschelon had by the late 1980‘s expanded to include joint operations with Germany, Japan, and China. It was initiated under the legal premise that while it is not permissible for the US government to monitor the conversations of its citizens without a warrant, it is not illegal for British intelligence to monitor American citizens, etc. Once the ―take‖ has been pooled, the respective agencies can have safe access to their own domestic intelligence, because the Britons, Australians, or Germans did it, and not the home government. The primary operating agency for all Eschelon activities worldwide is the US National Security Agency. (Rupert pg 228) When Boeing beat European Airbus in a major sale worth billions of dollars the Europeans accused the US government of conducting industrial espionage on behalf of Boeing using Eschelon or related technologies.


Daarpa: Total Information Awareness (TIA): The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will be given access to all state and local databases, complete access to all banking and stock transactions, and all private data bases on demand (medical records). They will monitor and control all communications at state and local levels, as well as build an ‗intranet‖ for corporations. Local police agencies that receive federal subsidies (all of them), will in effect become intelligence gathering units for the federal government. Under the TIA program created by DARPA the government is now monitoring almost all activity of all Americans, including bank deposits, shopping, web surfing, academic grades, divorce records, spending, phone calls, utility usage, travel, virtually everything. It plans to track everything you do employing face recognition software that can stop you from making a withdrawal at the bank or from boarding a plane. The government has placed all its faith in incredible new technologies such as PROMIS software and exotic weaponry systems that are just beginning to be unveiled. TIA plans to recognize you by your voice, by your unique body odor, it even plans to use ―non-invasive neuroelectric sensors‖ to read your mind. (Washington Times 8/17/02 Frank J. Murray, Nasa Plans to Read Terrorist‘s Minds at Airports) Congress voted to ―unfund‖ the TIA office but the AP reported in 2004 that the project was going forward in different offices of the Pentagon in a shell game. Acxiom is the lead company to provide software and pull together to furnish the information to DARPA‘s ―Information Awareness Office‖ headed by John Poindexter. Billionaire Jackson Stevens owns Acxiom, (Alltel, Systematics) and had backed NATO Commander Wesley Clark for president in 2004. His company stole PROMIS software in the 1980‘s, and is using it to create TIA for John Poindexter. PROMIS software under the name Genoa was delivered to DARPA 23 days after Bush signed the Homeland Security bill in Nov. 2002. Admiral Poindexter, the convicted Iran-Contra felon and former Reagan National Security Advisor, said that Genoa provides ―tools for collaborative reasoning, estimating plausible futures, and creating actionable options for the decision maker.‖ Negative public reaction led to Poindexter‘s latest project, Futures Markets Applied to Prediction (FutureMAP). Investors using futures market analysis would predict the likelihood of a future terrorist attack, a correct prediction would yield a profit for the investor. In Washington lawmakers, mostly Democrats, expressed shock and disbelief at a program which was a gross violation of privacy in direct violation of the Constitution. Congress eliminated the TIA office but by 2004 the AP reported Poindexter‘s TIA effort had been transferred to US intelligence offices, Congressional, Federal, and research officials said the Advanced Research and Development Activity (ARDA) was engaged in similar research using some of the same scientists as Poindexter‘s program. (Rupert pg 479) (same book. thenew pheonix program)
more about programming mental illnesses: from previous post: through media and trauma.html

The relevance of ritual and sexual or physical abuse in mental illness and trauma:

In the case of trauma, the victim is unable to comprehend the anomalous situation and is bewildered, scared and is faced with a large variance of conflicting feelings of fear, pain, desire through the occurrence of torture devices, sexual stimuli and other ways of inflicting trauma that is not predictable in every day life.

Hence, it is common for victims to have frequent flashbacks of their perpetrators and develop constant hallucinations and triggers (of bewilderment, crying, break down, self harm, dissociation, personality switches) to cope and further understand/avoid what had happened to them in the past.

This is helpful to the manipulator perpetrator who seek to control their victims through fear and conformity i.e. "hush-hush" to quieten their victims and leave unscathed.

Ritual abuse such as mkultra, manchurian candidate ( and midnight climax, creates abuse through torture, emf (voice to skull technology), trance hypnosis through television, media, and other materials to increase the suggestibility and dissociation of the to-be victim.


To begin programming, they often wear the mask of religion, such as "allah" (in the case of suicide bombers), god, demons, angels, lucifer and satan. Whereby to-be prostitutes victims, sex and child trafficking are often drugged or pushed into vulnerable situations/bullied/tortured to create programs and personality alters to control this complete individual to sell their body as if a norm. 

By breaking down the individual to dissociative fragmented personalities that are then completed through voice commands, command hallucinations and other media of fantasy (such as disney), the victim is pulled to another world be it fantasy or "hell" or "heaven", to induce more vulnerability and suggestibility by creating trance (i.e. lack of wakefulness and awareness), priming and conditioning trigger words through hypnosis (emotional trigger words such as "cry" "home", "love me/love me not") through popular media, alice in wonderland and other story book, the individual is forced to deal with a biblical world that wants it to do out of the norm behaviours and directions.

When these individuals visits places such as satanist cult or disney wonderland, they begin to see these hallucinations as real, with other drugs and unethical doctors and malpractitioners, they can easily believe these alters personalities as real people and behave as if it is real.

As quoted from the book : Perhaps when Ross talks about 10 per cent of the memories being true,

he means that 10 per cent of the elements of memories might be true in

the sense that they reflect real experiences. Of course, my reaction to this

interpretation is that some percentage of most false memories contain

'accurate' elements. For example, I and my colleagues created false

memories in people that as children they were lost for an extended

period of time in a shopping mall, that they were crying and scared, and

that they were ultimately rescued by an elderly person (Loftus and Ket-

cham, 1994). The false memories that developed did include real locales

in which the family used to shop. They included real family members

who would have gone on family shopping trips. They included real

'memories' about being scared. These elements were simply combined

in novel ways, and elaborated upon in a complex subject-and-experi-

menter interaction. And, voila, a false memory was created containing a

percentage of 'accurate' elements. The accurate elements, in fact, provide

the seeds from which the rest of the confabulated memory flourishes. So

it is not hard to believe that a false memory of Satanic ritual abuse might

contain some historically accurate elements (e.g., a barn or a cemetery

with which the patient was familiar as a child, a grandfather or uncles

whom the patient knew well).

How do people come to develop Satanic ritual abuse memories? I and

others have worried that the process of constructing these memories

begins when a patient wanders into therapy and is told point-blank: 'I

think you may have been sexually abused as a child/ Perhaps more

insidious is the technique used by some professionals of repeatedly and

subtly hinting at the possibility of child sexual abuse over a period of

weeks or months, until the client comes to think that she has arrived at

the hypothesis herself. And then begins the excavation of the 'repressed'

memories through invasive therapeutic techniques such as age regres-

sion, guided visualization, trance writing, dream work, body work, hyp-

nosis, and drug therapy. On occasion the resulting 'memories' evolve

into quite elaborate creatures, as occurred, for example, in one case

described in detail by Martha Rogers (1992), one of the experts who tes-

tified in the resulting court case.

Read the book to understand more:

False memory of trauma can also be induced through malpractitioners (hypnosis) and through television (such as gore and ghost and other television program that can scar you through viewer to actor trait and character attribution and likeness (watching as if relating to yourself or watching as if you are the protagonist) and feeling scarred for the character as if real.With false memory and the reconstruction of memories ( be it, false memory and real memory reconstruction or wrong procedural memory (event one recall event three, relate to event seven can cause erroneous behaviours, beliefs and personalities).

Remembering and forgetting and the science of false memory : Search the memory illusion by dr Julia shaw on

The scarred victim will tend to switch off unfavourable memories and become amnesic allowing him to believe in new ideas and beliefs that he would otherwise not if he was not dissociated or held all of his memories in tact.

By attaching memory, belief and emotions through the act of NLP, hypnosis or trance selling, victims will take ill ideas as if real and of importance as they are blocked from their memory and other relevant skill and behaviours through trauma or false ideas/alters. (an example being induced amnesia through fragmented memory)

I'm sure many of you have nightmares induced by tv. 

Is Disney Responsible for the Brainwashing and Corruption of Children’s Minds?

It would gradually make "sense" to the victim as he live in his delusions and hallucinations programmed by their perpetrators through torture, cult-induction, extreme education/institution, making these victims behave particularly and refer to alters/personalities in their mind (fragmented personalities created through trauma, to break and fragment their memories that they cannot cope with, or memories of the perpetrators' personalities and happenings) as if someone living in reality, as this trauma "tape" constantly loops in their mind, and creates new instruction with a cult "teacher" or member through suggestive conversations and directions.

Their desire to escape this trauma creates emotionally charged word such as "death" "die", which is further encouraged by media such as 13 reasons why who had triggered over hundreds of adolescents to suicide right after.

In the previous two article of hypnosis, whereby trance "selling" is a method to hypnotise everyday consumers, we too hold trigger words and inceptions to induce "false memories" and "false personalities" through TV and advertising scripts.

"Want to be as slim as me?" "shows two biscuit" "I work out" "this new product made me slimmer" refers to a photo that resembles the everyday man, and idealises herself and says, "you too will want to be me", have this advertisement play through your head several times a day, and work out, slim, slimmer, fat, biscuits, food, unrealistic idealisation will become your trigger words and can even break you down.

Book mentioned: Satanic Ritual Abuse principles of treatment by colin a. ross , for free on

also read: memory distortion (how minds brains and societies reconstruct the past by Daniel l. schacter

refer to past examples:

"hypnotic suggestions via everyday conversations:

brainwashing via social media:

mkultra voice to skull :

1. Trust me, i'm lying: confessions of a media manipulator

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5.The corruption of reality (a unified theory of religion, hypnosis and psychopathology) John F.SCHUMAKER

6. Reality is plastic: the art of impromptu hypnosis

Read up on psychiatry and realise dissociation IS A DIRECT LINK to mental illness. Dissociation and induced hallucination can be induced via hypnosis.

7. Voices in the brain: The cognitive neuropsychiatry of auditory verbal hallucinations.

8.Sleight of Mind: Sugeestion and mind control- the mentalists toolkit

Schizophrenia via satanist abuse (dream inception for trauma and embedding of command)

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11. A casebook of Cognitive behaviour therapy for command hallucinations : A social rank Theory approach."

From past post: 

A book that showcases the abuse of hypnosis by inducing trauma in a patient through FALSE MEMORY that pits the patients against his/her family as if a rape crime. (many ideas are also suggested by tv and paid people in everyday life to suggest ideas to alienate away from society and be vulnerable to cult mentality and false beliefs.)

Abuse of hypnosis: Construction and reconstruction of memory by Charlotte propane

Remembering and forgetting and the science of false memory : Search the memory illusion by dr Julia shaw on

memory distortion (how minds brains and societies reconstruct the past by Daniel l. schacter

For more reading: Altered states of consciousness edited by Charles t. tart

How to end social media ill practices? stop being "inspired" and influenced by influencers whose intents  are not to help but to get you hook on a new self help and idea to spur actions and money from you.

Reduce social media intake and negative conversations by not encouraging it.

For more on buddhism and meditation, a good book recommendation: towards a psychology of awakening (buddhism, psychotherapy and the path o personal and spiritual transformation) ( or search for other online book platforms)

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