Programming Multiple personality disorder and psychosis through ritual sexual abuse, hypnosis and the induction of command hallucinations for higher suggestibility and mind control in altered states of consciousness. (ft book: Satanic Ritual Abuse principles of treatment by colin by colin a. ross)

 The relevance of ritual and sexual or physical abuse in mental illness and trauma:

In the case of trauma, the victim is unable to comprehend the anomalous situation and is bewildered, scared and is faced with a large variance of conflicting feelings of fear, pain, desire through the occurrence of torture devices, sexual stimuli and other ways of inflicting trauma that is not predictable in every day life.

Hence, it is common for victims to have frequent flashbacks of their perpetrators and develop constant hallucinations and triggers (of bewilderment, crying, break down, self harm, dissociation, personality switches) to cope and further understand/avoid what had happened to them in the past.

This is helpful to the manipulator perpetrator who seek to control their victims through fear and conformity i.e. "hush-hush" to quieten their victims and leave unscathed.

Ritual abuse such as mkultra, manchurian candidate ( and midnight climax, creates abuse through torture, emf (voice to skull technology), trance hypnosis through television, media, and other materials to increase the suggestibility and dissociation of the to-be victim.


To begin programming, they often wear the mask of religion, such as "allah" (in the case of suicide bombers), god, demons, angels, lucifer and satan. Whereby to-be prostitutes victims, sex and child trafficking are often drugged or pushed into vulnerable situations/bullied/tortured to create programs and personality alters to control this complete individual to sell their body as if a norm. 

By breaking down the individual to dissociative fragmented personalities that are then completed through voice commands, command hallucinations and other media of fantasy (such as disney), the victim is pulled to another world be it fantasy or "hell" or "heaven", to induce more vulnerability and suggestibility by creating trance (i.e. lack of wakefulness and awareness), priming and conditioning trigger words through hypnosis (emotional trigger words such as "cry" "home", "love me/love me not") through popular media, alice in wonderland and other story book, the individual is forced to deal with a biblical world that wants it to do out of the norm behaviours and directions.

When these individuals visits places such as satanist cult or disney wonderland, they begin to see these hallucinations as real, with other drugs and unethical doctors and malpractitioners, they can easily believe these alters personalities as real people and behave as if it is real.

As quoted from the book : Perhaps when Ross talks about 10 per cent of the memories being true,

he means that 10 per cent of the elements of memories might be true in

the sense that they reflect real experiences. Of course, my reaction to this

interpretation is that some percentage of most false memories contain

'accurate' elements. For example, I and my colleagues created false

memories in people that as children they were lost for an extended

period of time in a shopping mall, that they were crying and scared, and

that they were ultimately rescued by an elderly person (Loftus and Ket-

cham, 1994). The false memories that developed did include real locales

in which the family used to shop. They included real family members

who would have gone on family shopping trips. They included real

'memories' about being scared. These elements were simply combined

in novel ways, and elaborated upon in a complex subject-and-experi-

menter interaction. And, voila, a false memory was created containing a

percentage of 'accurate' elements. The accurate elements, in fact, provide

the seeds from which the rest of the confabulated memory flourishes. So

it is not hard to believe that a false memory of Satanic ritual abuse might

contain some historically accurate elements (e.g., a barn or a cemetery

with which the patient was familiar as a child, a grandfather or uncles

whom the patient knew well).

How do people come to develop Satanic ritual abuse memories? I and

others have worried that the process of constructing these memories

begins when a patient wanders into therapy and is told point-blank: 'I

think you may have been sexually abused as a child/ Perhaps more

insidious is the technique used by some professionals of repeatedly and

subtly hinting at the possibility of child sexual abuse over a period of

weeks or months, until the client comes to think that she has arrived at

the hypothesis herself. And then begins the excavation of the 'repressed'

memories through invasive therapeutic techniques such as age regres-

sion, guided visualization, trance writing, dream work, body work, hyp-

nosis, and drug therapy. On occasion the resulting 'memories' evolve

into quite elaborate creatures, as occurred, for example, in one case

described in detail by Martha Rogers (1992), one of the experts who tes-

tified in the resulting court case.

Read the book to understand more:

False memory of trauma can also be induced through malpractitioners (hypnosis) and through television (such as gore and ghost and other television program that can scar you through viewer to actor trait and character attribution and likeness (watching as if relating to yourself or watching as if you are the protagonist) and feeling scarred for the character as if real.With false memory and the reconstruction of memories ( be it, false memory and real memory reconstruction or wrong procedural memory (event one recall event three, relate to event seven can cause erroneous behaviours, beliefs and personalities).

Remembering and forgetting and the science of false memory : Search the memory illusion by dr Julia shaw on

The scarred victim will tend to switch off unfavourable memories and become amnesic allowing him to believe in new ideas and beliefs that he would otherwise not if he was not dissociated or held all of his memories in tact.

By attaching memory, belief and emotions through the act of NLP, hypnosis or trance selling, victims will take ill ideas as if real and of importance as they are blocked from their memory and other relevant skill and behaviours through trauma or false ideas/alters. (an example being induced amnesia through fragmented memory)

I'm sure many of you have nightmares induced by tv. 

Is Disney Responsible for the Brainwashing and Corruption of Children’s Minds?

It would gradually make "sense" to the victim as he live in his delusions and hallucinations programmed by their perpetrators through torture, cult-induction, extreme education/institution, making these victims behave particularly and refer to alters/personalities in their mind (fragmented personalities created through trauma, to break and fragment their memories that they cannot cope with, or memories of the perpetrators' personalities and happenings) as if someone living in reality, as this trauma "tape" constantly loops in their mind, and creates new instruction with a cult "teacher" or member through suggestive conversations and directions.

Their desire to escape this trauma creates emotionally charged word such as "death" "die", which is further encouraged by media such as 13 reasons why who had triggered over hundreds of adolescents to suicide right after.

In the previous two article of hypnosis, whereby trance "selling" is a method to hypnotise everyday consumers, we too hold trigger words and inceptions to induce "false memories" and "false personalities" through TV and advertising scripts.

"Want to be as slim as me?" "shows two biscuit" "I work out" "this new product made me slimmer" refers to a photo that resembles the everyday man, and idealises herself and says, "you too will want to be me", have this advertisement play through your head several times a day, and work out, slim, slimmer, fat, biscuits, food, unrealistic idealisation will become your trigger words and can even break you down.

Book mentioned: Satanic Ritual Abuse principles of treatment by colin a. ross , for free on

also read: memory distortion (how minds brains and societies reconstruct the past by Daniel l. schacter

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A book that showcases the abuse of hypnosis by inducing trauma in a patient through FALSE MEMORY that pits the patients against his/her family as if a rape crime. (many ideas are also suggested by tv and paid people in everyday life to suggest ideas to alienate away from society and be vulnerable to cult mentality and false beliefs.)

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