Psychic SRA Possession of the second etheric body (debunking double etheric body) ft. works of Master Choa Kok Sui [Free Ebook]

 Through the awareness of programming the mental and astral influence on the controlled individual and the engineering of mental illnesses through trauma and hypnosis and manufacturing our responses and consent through posession and channeling.

The possession of the body and mind can be occured through psychic/ qi/ energy channels as well as it can be physical and non-astral nor psychic, such as virtual hypnosis and induction of trance states.

The ether double and the chord of the sick man (psychic transfer of thoughts and illnesses): 

(recommended by master choa kok sui) :

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As debunked on the previous two entries about mental health; that it is less of one's nature/personality or biology but through the induction of programs such as military and other institutions, influence of daily media, food and drugs as well as via targeting through unaware individuals programmed by similar trauma and beliefs that resemble Manchurian candidate/mk ultra.

Unnatural selection and unnatural illnesses happens when one is under the influence of hypnosis/trance and acting on self harm and false beliefs caused by these programs that are usually beneficial to the government and large corporations that also tend to be corrupted to get us to work against out beliefs and buy things that we do not want.

The second etheric double written by arthur e. powell. 1969 explains how there is two astral body that one have referred to as the soul, or energy being.

However, the other double as mentioned by arthur and with referebce to psychic discoveris behind the iron curtain by heila ostrander and lynn shroeder (about false reincarnation and creating synthetic astral tracking via cult inductions to influence and control ESP and telepathy between one another and to misinterpret our states of being.

A key example is trance mediumship and trance psychic practices. As compared to SRA rituals and satanism, both practices falling intro trance (loosing higher awareness of consciousness and being) to mimic and follow words and mantra that resemble other people/angels or gods to follow and track the natural telepathy and meditation in religions.

How can you be aware or be sure of this? for example, when the body is in pain, the pain is often unnatural, i.e. by being aware of daily happenings and anomalies:, when you hit the table, you experience alot of pain, sometimes none. Having random thoughts that are not cohesive, knee jerk reaction and if you practice reiki and with a similar direction of thinking of finding anomalies, experience different scents, feelings, agitation at random times, feeling "different channels" that are imposed by possession and misdirected trance mediumship that can induce possession and hence experience voices in the head that are not yours.

As explained in the two links above, this phenomena is not out of the ordinary and can happen when one misdirect our flow of thought when we are in different state of mind, that is caused by sleeper agents using remote psychic following to mimic our behaviour to trick both our selves and others to believing we are one another and hence replying and doing different things that are not to our autonomous will.

Another example is phantom limb, pains, and drastic change in behaviour and looks (alter egos) (as these characters are programmed during our sleep via emf / television or psychic influence)

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