Deux Ex Machina -- the afterlife
Transhumanism Cyber Sci-Fi Fantasy

Truths instilled within fiction, a case study of human complexes and character development through its archetypical selves.

Exploring the concepts of Games People Play, relationship dynamics and exploration of immortality, breaking the everlasting youth code of both bionic and DNA inspired by Neuralink and xenobots and constructions of senses to build the genius and affinity code (interconnectivity, love and physiological concepts of thinking and methods of being , and the exploration of superhuman code).

God meets Science Fiction, 

transgressing between progression in humanity, archetypical interactional complexes through Dystopian Complexes in a Utopian World.

Theories challenged and explored in the Ebook:

  1. A place and time within the mind, exploring the characters of the development of oneself, i.e. children, teenager and adult, how the child like desires of man are achieved through its rebellion, creation and parenting of its responsibilities and self actualisation.
  2. Soul travel between physical body, alternate realities, and theories of truth and physical exploration.
  3. A new world where dreams can be easily accomplished through the crevices of the mind.
  4. Defying age, body vessel and logic, this ebook is made to break your mind and explore new systems of morals, integrity and value system that computes in the make up of man and humanity.
  5. A metaphysical truth tied in tangents with what we do, think and be.
  6. The regression in humanity through the progression of man-made devices that aids the progress of the reader.

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